Mixed On Focal Adds Playlist #2

Earlier this year, Focal and Naim launched a playlist for HiFi streaming services that helped showcase the talent of mixing engineers using Focal systems exclusively. This project was announced in conjunction with “The Artists Experience” which Focal initiated in 2020 as a chance for pros to share their experiences using Focal products in an attempt to bridge the home and pro listening world. Now, Focal Naim has announced that they are releasing a second playlist that features more of these special mixes from a wider selection of artists. New tracks include selections from artists like Jor’dan Armstrong, Ingrid Jensen, and The Mystery Plan. Returning artists include Taking Back Sunday, Tigers Jaw, and Sundressed.

You can listen to “Mixed On Focal” Playlist #2 with the following links. Support for Spotify HiFi is also in the works depending on when it’s released.

• Tidalt.ly/tffz
• Apple Musict.ly/1j5P
• Qobuzt.ly/6tRB
• Amazon Music HD: t.ly/OsqP

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