Moondrop Droplet Review

Moondrop Droplet Review

Moondrop has made a name for having their budget IEMs be just as good as some of their pricier output. They’re continuing to expand their library with new USB Type C earbuds to add. One of them is the Droplet, which goes for fifty dollars. Not only is the Droplet a new Type C earbud but it’s also inspired by an interesting IP that might surprise you.

Moondrop Droplet items

What You Get

  • Droplet earbuds
  • Leather case
  • 3 pairs of foam ear tips
  • Branded dog tag
  • Warranty card

Moondrop Droplet size

Look & Feel

When I first took the Droplet out of the box, I wasn’t aware of the branding yet. Even then, something about its unique design seemed familiar to me. My first thought was of a particular part of the Three-Body Problem book series, and I had no idea that was actually what they were going for. The Droplet is directly inspired by the highly acclaimed science fiction book series(soon to be adapted for Netflix), and it makes for a set of earbuds that are truly one of a kind. The body of the Droplet is made from solid brass and finished with chrome plating to give the earphones that specific look. Its nozzle is a bit bigger than you might imagine, so having the right ear tips matters a lot for the quality of fit.

Moondrop Droplet cable


The Droplet sports just a single balanced armature, which helps retain the earbud’s special size. If these earbuds can output a substantial sound from just a single BA, then I would call that quite the achievement. Another interesting component featured with the Droplet is the MEMS microphone cable, which is of higher quality than most remote mics on type C earbuds.

Moondrop Droplet pair


Like most Moondrop IEMs, the Droplet does an admirable job presenting its soundstage and imaging. This is a more linear display than what you might be used to hearing from the brand, but it still stands out for USB Type C earbuds. There’s some good width to it, but the sound field always feels in your head. It’s the imaging that’s going to do the job of making all of the elements pop out at you. The Droplet is impressively precise, showcasing a surprising level of separation and organization. You get the sense that all of the instruments are in the right place, and can be easily identified in the mix.

Low End

If you’re looking for budget earbuds with bass along the lines of KZ or other efforts from Moondrop, then the Droplet will be what you need. For the price, the lows crawl deep, resulting in a tone with some sizable impact. There’s power behind each low-end frequency range, giving you some booming bass notes and satisfying vibration. Everything hits hard, with a clean enough timbre to make sense of the performance.


There’s a clear surface to the midrange, and it can make parts of the sound signature feel dynamic. It doesn’t seem like the Droplet can handle heavier instrumentals, but it somehow makes just enough room for them not to appear muddled. A lot of the timbre is quite energetic. It doesn’t attempt to match the fullness of the bass, but the instruments still feature some solid emphasis. Some performances are pushed forward, like vocals, which have good clarity and positioning. While the sound elements are not as sizable, or striking, the tone has just enough edge to make an impression.


Enough frequency content is heard in the highs to feel realistic and fulfilling. These frequencies show little expression, but good clarity in specific regions. It can reach some extensive peaks but never veers into a territory harsh enough to feel indigestible. It combines smoothness with liveliness to good effect, making the sound signature fun and well-detailed.


In the grand scheme of type C earbuds, the Droplet is one of the very best you can get your hands on right now. This market isn’t as competitive as the budget IEM market, so it’s easy for something like the Droplet to stand out. It’s really impressive that just a single balanced armature can be cable of presenting a sound like this for just fifty bucks, and that makes the Droplet worth it alone.

ProsĀ  Cons
  • Identifiable imagingĀ 
  • Impactful bass
  • Clear mids
  • Detailed highs
  • Inspired design
  • Comfortable depending on ear tips
  • MEMS Mic
  • Linear soundstageĀ 

The Moondrop Droplet is available from Audio46.

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