MOOR Industries Headphones: Smart Listening Device

MOOR Industries Headphones

This cable-free over-ear headphone is also a smart watch. Meet Moor Industries headphones Smart Listening Device.

MOOR Industries Headphones: Smart Listening Device

Created by a student at Jackson State University, the SLD headphones have grossed over $40,000 through college campuses and now the multi-function headphones are looking to make their name in the market.

MOOR Industries Headphones

The SLD comes as both a base and premium model – with the premium model boasting a built-in smart watch. For $200, the premium model known as Pharaoh, contains a built-in smart watch that acts as the outer interface of the ear cup when it is not in use. If interested in a version without a smart watch, the Aset edition is available at the Indiegogo price of $150.

The over-ear cans are primarily focused on being a fully-capable wire-free. Equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, as well as 16 GB of internal memory for a cable (and even phone) less experience. The Moor Industries Smart Listening Device can store and stream music. Operating with an Android-based interface, wearer’s can download their favorite apps via Google Play Market.

If you are prone to getting lost in the music, whether at the gym or on the street, SLD has a built in GPS system and pedometer. The headphones can also be used to take and make calls.

The Lithium battery will keep SLD powered for up to 8 hours. The headphones have the capacity to be used as a wired option – this enables them to run for up to 200 hours. Charging time is less than an hour and uses a USB port to do so.

Although the specs for the actual sound and feel of the headphones aren’t stated, the company promises “crisp, audio sound with noise-cancellation” which is “perfect for active listeners and studio production.”

Moor Industries ended their Indiegogo Campaign on April 11 – exceeding their initial goal by 645 percent. Looking to snag a pair? You can still get Moor Industries headphones at a discount via Indiegogo.

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