New Release Moshi Mythro Air and Vortex

Moshi Mythro Air Vortex Air

Accessories designer Moshi is back and cable-free. Stepping into the world of wireless capability meet Moshi Mythro Air and Vortex Air.

New Release Moshi Mythro Air and Vortex Air

Looking to provide commuters with a portable-friendly option, Moshi is equipping two new earbuds with wireless capability via Bluetooth 4.1. Both headphones will be able to pair with up to two smart devices at a time over a 30 foot distance. Usually Bluetooth means a sacrifice in sound quality, but Moshi promises to deliver clear and crisp audio to you.

“Mythro Air and Vortex Air are designed to deliver the ideal Bluetooth audio experience for the everyday commuter and traveler,” said Michael Leonhard, President at Moshi. “Compact and light, our new Bluetooth audio lines are built with sound quality, ergonomics and battery life in mind to provide a pristine audio experience.”

Mythro Air is designed with a custom DR8 neodymium driver. It is housed in aluminum housing to provide crisp sound and punchy bass. It’ll be available in gray, silver and red colorways.

MajorHiFi Moshi Vortex Air Mythro Air

The Vortex Air, on the other hand, uses sintered steel housing with a custom HR8 neodymium driver for smooth highs and articulate bass with no distortion.

Like may other modern Bluetooth headphones the Moshi Mythro Air and Vortex air will work alongside a companion app to adjust equalizer settings, monitor battery life, and detail what devices are connected to the headphones.

Both headphones will also include an in-line mic and controller, a custom carrying case, and magnetic collar clip. Moshi Mythro Air and Vortex Air will officially launch October 2016 at select retailers and

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