Did You Hear? Motorola VerveOnes ME Are Not That Great, Some Suggest

Motorola VerveOnes ME

Motorola VerveOnes ME, are the Music Edition model to the VerveOne+ truly wireless earbuds. The ME is aid to be a more cost effective alternative also delivering better sound quality. While the drop in price is true (plummeting to $149.99 from $200), the latter reportedly is not.

Did You Hear? Motorola VerveOnes ME Are Not That Great, Some Suggest

According to The Verge, the Motorola VerveOnes ME can hardly deliver on sound. The tech and news publication writes, “It’s flat, even muddy at times.” They go on to add that the Music Edition buds are good for just that. “There’s too much of a delay to use them to watch videos or games,” writes reviewer Sean O’ Kane.

In fact, here’s everything O’Kane had to say about them:

  • The sound is not noticeably better. It’s flat, even muddy at times. The earbuds are also basically only good for music — there’s too much of a delay to use them to watch videos or games, and I had trouble getting them to work with the latter at all.
  • The earbuds are uncomfortable to wear for longer than an hour.
  • There’s a really annoying beep any time you pair the earbuds or even press one of the buttons, which are also frustratingly stiff.
  • Binatone removed some of the useful (but buried) features like EQ and audio passthrough.
  • There’s a hiss of white noise any time the earbuds start streaming music. I can’t tell what’s more annoying — the white noise itself, or the fact that you can hear it start and stop before and after you play a song.
  • The Bluetooth connection, if anything, has gotten a bit worse. The syncing issue between earbuds has been fixed, but I experienced more overall connection hiccups than with the VerveOnes+ last year.

Other “enhancements” include a color change from black and orange to white and grey which come off a bit Apple-like. Unfortunately, these sound economical, but not necessarily a win for truly wireless tech. However, if you want to give these spin head over to verve.life.

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