Mpow Sport Bluetooth Earphones Review

Mpow Sport Bluetooth Earphones Review

A great pair of wireless earphones for 20 bucks is a lot to ask. In fact, I’ve never tested a wireless pair under $40. Will the Mpow Sport wow us with fantastic sound? Doubtful. But will the sound quality at least impress us for the price point? Let’s find out in this Mpow Sport Bluetooth Earphones Review.

Mpow Sport Bluetooth Earphones Review

IN the BOX

Mpow Sport Bluetooth Earphones Review


These buds are very light, and the seal is okay. Though the sound isolation is not anything to write home about, I wasn’t worried about them falling out. They also come with ear tips in 3 different sizes (even a foam pair), so, you shouldn’t have a problem finding the right fit. And because of the rather large shells, they are easy to pop in, even with the over-ear wire.

Mpow Sport Bluetooth Earphones Review

Mpow Sport Bluetooth Earphones Review


The Mpow Sport offers all the standard Bluetooth functions: play/pause, skip, volume and call answering. But instead of installing the remote and mic on the cable, Mpow has placed it on the right earpiece. Some might prefer this set-up, since it reduces the bulkiness of the cable.

The battery lasts for about 7 hours, which is about average for wireless earphones. And they take 1.5 hours to fully charge. A standard micro USB to USB charging cable is included in the box.

The Mpow Sport is IPX7 water resistant, so you can sweat your heart out without breaking them or getting electrocuted.

Mpow Sport Bluetooth Earphones Review Mpow Sport Bluetooth Earphones Review


If you’re really strapped for cash, and you like bass and only bass, The Mpow Sport might be for you. But if you listen to more than just hip-hop, you will be disappointed. If Beats were to produce their cheapest pair of wireless buds, they would probably sound like the Mpow Sport. So, if you like the way Beats sound, then maybe this is the least expensive alternative. But be warned, the low frequencies are so big, and the sound is so incredibly muddy, that it’s worth saving up another $20 to buy something from JBL, like the JBL Tune 205BT. You’ll still hear a nice amount of bass, but not at the expense of all other instruments.

That being said, I made a phone call using these earphones, and the call clarity was really good for a headphone at this price. So, if you’re only using your wireless buds for calls, the the Mpow might actually be worth it.


The fit is decent, and the fact that they are water resistant may be reason enough to invest in these cheap buds. If you’re only making calls or listening to podcasts while working out, they should be sufficient. But if you like music, the sound probably won’t cut it.

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Bluetooth Version: 4.1

Operating Range: 10m

Standby Time: 220 hrs

Charging Time: 1.5 hrs

Play/Talk Time: 7 hrs

Charging Voltage: DC 5V


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