Muzik’s Twitter Based Headphones on Sale in May

muzik's twitter based headphones

Muzik’s Twitter based headphones are the cans of the future – the very near future, as they are said to hit the market in May.

Muzik Smart Headphones

muzik's twitter based headphones

With help from Microsoft, Muzik actually launched an SDK for Windows 10, iOS, and Android in order for other apps and services to be used with Muzik’s Twitter based headphones, explains Engadget.

Using the Muzik smartphone app and the touch of one button on the socially savvy headset, music lovers will be able to share what song they are jamming to along with a photo via Facebook, Twitter, text or email. Motion sensors allow for users to queue Siri or adjust the volume without a remote. Yes, that means these headphones can be used as either a wired or wireless set.

muzik's twitter based headphones


Twitter must really stand by this new product as this is their first hardware venture.

Next month an over-ear model followed by an in-ear model of Muzik’s Twitter based headphones will debut at a price tag of $299 and $199, respectively. Muzik promises stellar “studio-quality,” but audiophiles will be the judge of that.


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