Muzos Is A Freshly Launched Add-On For Music Streaming

Muzos is a company based out of the U.K. specializing in developing ground-breaking music technology. They’ve just launched a new service that hopes to shake up your music streaming experience. Muzos is a new app that adds to your preferred music streaming platform. Using your log-in, you can connect to the Muzos app, and access its points system. This helps gamify your music listening experience and can grant you access to special rewards. The goal of Muzos is to incentivize music discovery through this rewards system, encouraging you to branch out to get more points.

It’s no secret that many artists have trouble finding an audience on streaming platforms, mainly due to the abundance of names that each service offers. Muzos recognizes that, and hopes to make it easier for artists to get noticed with their new app. In the long run, Muzos aims to create a sizable community of music lovers sharing their listening journies. It’s almost akin to what people do with Spotify wrapped every year, except Muzos is year-round.

Okay, so you listen to music and receive points, but what reward do those points get you? According to Muzos, the points you acquire can be spent on a variety of items, such as concert tickets, artist merch, and even headphones. This is the vision for the future version of this app, as only released yesterday, these rewards will not be available yet. Because this is a freshly launched app, Muzos only offers integration with Apple Music as of right now. However, they do have plans for Amazon Music and Youtube Music as well. No word on Spotify or Tidal for now.

There is a lot of potential for artists on this platform, with discoverabilty being a main focus. Muzos is also planning on creating more tools for artists to interact with their listeners. In future updates, Muzos want’s to make it so artists can reward their listeners for sharing their music. An example of this is already on the homepage of the app.

Download the app here.

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