NAD Viso HP70 Wireless Headphones Review

NAD Viso HP70 Wireless Headphones Review

When you’re willing to spend $400 on a wireless pair of headphones, you’re expecting a high quality product with superior sound, physical design and easy portability. Does the VISO HP70 check all of these boxes? Let’s find out out in this NAD Viso HP70 Wireless Headphones Review.

NAD Viso HP70 Wireless Headphones Review

IN the BOX – NAD Viso HP70 Wireless Headphones Review

Travel Clip

Micro USB Cable

Ribbon Cable

¼” Stereo Adaptor

Airline Adaptor

DESIGN and FEATURES – NAD Viso HP70 Wireless Headphones Review

The VISO HP70 looks like my parents’ furniture from the 80’s. But the 80’s are in! Plush black  leather meets shiny and smooth contoured silver. They’re a little heavy and bulky, so I wouldn’t give them high marks for portability, especially since they don’t fold.

They have very effective active noise cancelling, HD Bluetooth and Near Field Communication, which is the same technology that enables Apple Pay.

SOUND – NAD Viso HP70 Wireless Headphones Review

The VISO HP70 is a good all-rounder. You get a reasonably balanced headphone with deep lows and pleasant highs. It’s an easy and smooth listening experience that does well with most genres. Let’s take a look at the breakdown…


The bass on the HP70 very deep, especially with the active noise cancelling feature on. It has a subwoofer feel. Think of your body vibrating as a kid passes you in a hydraulic car. It’s not a very dry, gripping bass. It resonantes a bit. A wetter sound. Not necessarily a bad thing. But the bass has more of a feeling than clear texture.


The upper-mids are there, but the lower mids are bit lacking because the lows drown them. Does it take away from the listening experience? If you’re listening to a big rock or pop-rock chorus, then yes. But I don’t want to be too hard on these poor cans. They’re still quite well balanced, pleasantly smooth, and do a good job in most genres with respect to the midrange.


No sizzle or piercing highs, which is the most important thing for me. The highs have a nice roundness to them. Strings and woodwinds don’t sound very forward, but are easy to listen to. High percussion and guitars are clear and quite detailed for a wireless headphone.


I like the soundstage on these NADs. I definitely felt some width, but no depth. Still, horizontal instrument placement sounded pretty accurate. Spacious.

SUMMARY – NAD Viso HP70 Wireless Headphones Review

The sound on these headphones is good. But I think they’re a little overpriced. They seem like an experimental prototype that just missed the mark. I’ve heard better sounding wireless headphones that are cheaper than the VISO HP70. The physical design is also a little impractical. Check out the Sony WH-1000xM2 instead. Better portability, sound and all-around value for money.

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SPECIFICATIONS – NAD Viso HP70 Wireless Headphones Review

Frequency Response:

LF Cutoff -10dB – 10Hz to 20,000Hz

LF Cutoff -3dB – 15Hz to 20,000Hz

Within ±1.5dB – 20Hz to 20,000Hz

Impedance: 32 Ohms

Weight: 320 grams

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