New Release Grado PS2000e Headphones

New Release Grado PS2000e Headphones

Meet Grado PS2000e headphones, designed with over 60 years of craftsmanship and family input. The specially-made headphone is said to be the finest headphone Grado has ever built.

The nearly $2700 headphone borrowed some of the finer aspects from previous models and  fine tuned for this premium make. Drawing from the incomparable sonic signature of Maple in limited edition GH1, the Grado PS2000e features a proprietary hybrid housing that is fashioned to eliminate distortion and resonance, minimize signal colorations, and showcase detailed and accurate audio. The housing is a hand-carved maple inner chamber that is paired with a beautifully sleek-looking Smoked Chrome-colored shell. The mix of wood with metal alloys serves to keep harmonic distortion at bay. The diaphragm was also redesigned to better produce the music signal.

“When I first started at Grado I wanted new releases to always be happening, but I’ve learned from my dad two fundamental powers, quality and patience,” says Jonathan Grado. “It’s been a decade since we last built a new flagship but I knew there was no reason to rush out a new one. Waiting has afforded us the opportunity to try new things, like using Maple, and combining all our learnings into the PS2000e to make a headphone that truly represents our heritage.”


Transducer Type: Dynamic

Operating Principle: Open Air

Frequency Response: 5 – 50,000 Hz

SPL 1mW: 99.8 dB

Nominal Impedance: 32 ohms

Driver Matched dB: .05 dB

Grado PS2000e is available now at at for $2695. The headphones wil lalso include a one-year warranty, Grado story-sheet, 3.5mm mini adapter, and an extension cable. A 4-pin XLR balance cable option is available.

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