New IFI PowerStation Uses ANC on Electricity

New IFI PowerStation Uses ANC on Electricity from side

English audio institution IFI announces its latest product, the PowerStation mains block. As an ANC-enabled power solution, this machine employs the same ANC technology found in headphones to clean up electricity.

New IFI PowerStation Uses ANC on Electricity

New IFI PowerStation Uses ANC on Electricity from above

Evolved from IFI’s previosly-released power supply accessories, the PowerStation tackles interferance at the source. Both radio frequency interferance and electro-magnetic interferance result in compromised sound – a nuisance the PowerStation eliminates.

Measuring the noise in the electrical current, the PowerStation emits an inverse current to eliminate any blemishes in the signal. Covering the entire frequency range, the ANC reduces noise by -40 dB.  Meanwhile, secondary passive filters at each outlet also eliminate excess noise in the higher frequencies. The resultant ANC eliminates noise caused by both switch-mode power supplies AND noise occuring as a result of Bluetooth and WiFi signals.

New IFI PowerStation Uses ANC on Electricity from side

High Tech Goes Higher

Complimenting the ANC technology, the PowerStation also sports a diagnostics system. This system allows the IFI PowerStation to detect polarity, as well as whether or not a ground is being used. IFI calls this latter technology Intelligent Ground, and it aims to eliminate audible hiss and buzz from amplified noise in the power mains. An optional cable attaches to the PowerStation to prevent a ground loop, thus neutralizing the problem.

But the IFI PowerStation doesn’t just clean up electrical signals and connected audio or AV devices. This device also safeguards equipment from surges and spikes in the power supply. Thanks to its bulletproof design, the PowerStation ensures connected equipment isn’t damaged by power fluctuations.  If triggered, the unit’s protection circuit avoids a reboot until safe to do so.

New IFI PowerStation Uses ANC on Electricity built in ANC

Uncompromising Internals

All of this technology rests inside an anodized aluminum case. Furthermore, each outlet remains independently isolated to prevent cross-contamination of electrical signals. Each outlet is also placed in Ethylene Vinyl Acetate to dampen any vibrations.

The PowerStation also utilizes 99.9999% Oxygen-Free High-Conductivity (or OFHC) copper. Offering superior conductivity, this high-purity copper appears in the PowerStations internal wiring, solid busbars, and the AC conductors themselves.

All of this boils down to a very clear set of benefits: improved audio marked by greater clarity and definition, as well as enhanced dynamics (such as attack and decay) and a more realistic sense of soundstage. Furthermore, these enhancements come with no sacrifices in contrast or articulation of the sound – a commonplace issue plaguing lower-end power-filtering technology.

Available now from IFI and authorized dealers, the PowerStation comes in outlet configurations to match plug types from the UK, EU, USA/Japan, and Austrailia. By improving the audio quality of every connected device while simultaneously protecting the integrity of the power supply, the IFI PowerStation offers an impressive value. The PowerStation will retail for $499.

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