New Release Beats EP Headphones

Beats EP Headphones

While the world seems to be going wireless, Beats by Dre is going wired? Looking to focus on sound quality rather than extra features they’ve announced  their new BEATS EP headphones.

New Release Beats EP Headphones

Beats has taken a beating when it comes to reviews by audiophiles, with a bassy sound signature that is on the heavier side. However, Beats are designed for the everyday commuter and henceforth are also loved by many. That being said, those interested in an affordable pair of BEATS that are designed to sound better, these are supposed to be it.

The Beats EP are an on-ear design fashioned with a stainless steel reinforced frame and extenders paired with a soft cushioned headband and ear cups. Like the popular brand’s previous makes, the EPs are quite stylish. I actually prefer the exposed stainless steel extenders over the solid plastic look of the Solo2 Wireless.

It seems like a bold move on Beats part to release a wired headphone while the dawn of the iPhone 7’s aux jack-less frame frightens the masses. But, with a huge name in the business, brand loyalty, and the promise of better audio I think it’ll do well. There’s also the very affordable price tag at $129.95.

For those who don’t fear the iPhone 7, Apple Beats are releasing the following wireless options soon Beats Solo3 headphones at $299.95, PowerBeats3 earphones at $200, and BeatsX earphones at $150.

However, a Bluetooth-based can usually means a small sacrifice in audio quality making me think the more affordable Beats EP is a must-try.

Beats EP are currently available for order in either white, black, blue, or red.

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