NEW: VICE Bluetooth In-Ear Headphone from Degauss Labs

VICE Bluetooth In-Ear Headphone from Degauss Labs

The VICE Bluetooth In-Ear Headphone is the latest headphone innovation from Degauss Labs. This sleek and modern earphone is built to last and packed with a lot of options.

For starters this in-ear headphone only weighs 18grams and features a VARTA Li-On battery that will keep it running up to 8-hours. The minimal design features a simple one-piece bluetooth earphone set attached with in-line smartphone controls on a durable wire wrapped in a stylish mesh.

The dynamic driver in the VICE promises rich bass as well as an overall high fidelity sound. Based on the diagram on the Degauss Labs website, the VICE in-ear headphone appears to be well thought out and built with quality parts. One of the best things about the VICE is the amount of accessories included in the package. Buyers get 3 sets of foam eartips and 4 sets of silicone eartips, and 4 sets of optional inner-ear winged tips and extra eartip mesh (used to keep debris from the inner workings). VICE headphone buyers will also get a convenient carry pouch. Great for keeping earphones and extra accessories nearby.


The VICE Bluetooth In-Ear Headphone is currently available through the Degauss Labs website only. It works with any Bluetooth capable smartphone and is only $99.


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