NF Audio NA2+ Review

NF Audio has a solid lineup of IEMs that have new versions worth listening to. I reviewed the first iteration of the NA2 some time ago, and now they have the NA2+, which looks to be a cost-effective upgrade. Let’s see what the NA2+ brings to the table in this competitive IEM market.

What You Get

  • NA2+ IEMs
  • 2-pin 3.5mm cable
  • Zipper case
  • 2 sets of S/M/L ear tips
  • Quarter-inch adapter

NF Audio NA2+ single

Look & Feel

The NA2+ trades the slightly see-through body of the original for a more refined gray/black aluminum shell. Everything about the construction of the earpiece appears polished and carefully crafted with CNC engraving tech. They keep the body small, but it doesn’t feel dense. It’s shaped ergonomically to fit right in your ear without any added pressure or fatigue. In practice, the fit is serviceable but doesn’t hold much of a grip in your ear. This is going by the supplied ear tips though, so using other tips might make for a more comfortable experience.

NF Audio NA2+ cable


For its driver configuration, the NA2+ utilizes a single dual-cavity dynamic driver. This driver uses a strong NdFeB magnet to establish a more significant magnetic flux with higher sensitivity. NF Audio wants the tuning of the NA2+ to be very musical, which this design warrants with its approach to dynamics and transient response.

NF Audio NA2+ pair


What the NA2+ does in its soundstage is very admirable for the price. Nothing about its space feels congealed or limited by closed barriers. The left and right channels are given equal balance, and it creates a clear width that should be the standard for IEMs in this price range. While all the sound elements are placed on a very linear field, the separation and layering are articulate enough to give off the impression of spatial depth. This is reflected through the blank spaces between instruments that organize sounds in front of and behind others while portraying accurate positioning. The appearance of the soundstage takes on less of an encompassing headspace, but it’s definitely more than a flat plain of stereo imaging.

Low End

While most of the bass frequencies focus on a balanced sound signature, that doesn’t keep the NA2+ from offering some punchy details. On a surface level, the gain of these frequencies is quite reserved, but certain tracks can really show how dynamic these lows can be. Areas of the mid-bass can feature some significant texture, brought on by a distinct thump that comes off naturally. It keeps the timbre neutral while also not relegating the frequency response to the background of the mix. Everything has enough room to express full bass notes and proper scale.


A lot of the meat of this sound signature exists in the midrange. There’s tons of clarity here without anything coming off as too cold and clinical. You get some nice color from notes that resonate expressively throughout the frequency response. Each track possesses a good level of musicality through the NA2+, giving the mids a clean presentation with plenty of room for the instruments to sound complete. Vocals have an explicit layer to them that showcases the level of transparency the mids are operating at. They’re incredibly lively, helped by some considerable lift from the mid-treble. It also brings background harmonies more apparent at the front of the mix for even more emotional impact.


One of the characteristics of the NA2+ that immediately sticks out to you is the bright treble. While the response definitely comes off strongly, these frequencies are far from harsh. They lack that sharp point that fatigues some listeners, and only use its brightness to coat the frequencies in a colorful sheen of resonance. Everything is crisp and splashy, but the frequencies are controlled enough so that the tone goes down smoothly. The highs come alive with height and exceptional presence in the mix, resulting in an identifiable flavor to most instruments.


While the sound won’t light the world on fire, it’s admirable for its price putting it in league with some of the best IEMs for less than $200. The fit doesn’t work great for me but after some listening time, it does its job. The NA2+ is a solid, inexpensive option that might open you up to upgrading to similar-sounding IEMs in the future.

Pros Cons
  • Articulate soundstage
  • Balanced bass response
  • Full mids
  • Colorful highs
  • Solid shell design
  • Price
  • Loose fit

The NF Audio NA2+ is available from Amazon.

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