Noble Audio EDC Velvet Review

Noble Audio EDC Velvet Review

Just when I thought I had completed reviewing the Noble Audio lineup, my eyes fell upon the Noble Audio EDC Velvet. What’s this? A Noble Audio IEM we can all actually afford? At 120 bucks, the EDC Velvet is the cheapest model in the Noble Audio collection. Can it pull off the clean and balanced sound signature that characterizes the brand? Let’s find out in this Noble Audio EDC Velvet Review.

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Noble Audio EDC Velvet Review


I love the minimalist feel of these buds. No annoying over-ear wire, just a simple pop-in design. They remind me a bit of Final Audio earphones because the shells are so small. They’re also super light and comfortable with a good amount of sound isolation.

Noble Audio EDC Velvet Review Noble Audio EDC Velvet Review

The EDC Velvet has one 5.8mm dynamic driver with aluminum housing. The cable is thin but has a durable rubbery feel for those who enjoy feeling rubber. It’s made with some kind of fancy fibre weave, and its also reflective. And for those of you who need to make calls, the EDC Velvet comes with a mic and remote that is designed for both, iPhone and Android devices.

Noble Audio EDC Velvet Review Noble Audio EDC Velvet Review


Overall Impressions: Perfectly balanced, warm and versatile.


The EDC Velvet delivers the ideal amount of bass, even if it’s a little more present than in the pricier Noble Audio models. Punchy and deep, these lows are perfect for pop and hip-hop. And in true Noble Audio fashion, the EDC Velvet has some speed to it, making it snappy and fun. It also also has some nice warmth, giving rock music the lush and slightly heavy feel that lends itself so well to big choruses.


Those who love an an even and present mid range will enjoy these buds. Instruments sit quite forward and the lower mids get the attention they deserve. As a result, you get a really full-bodied feel that covers the entire spectrum of sound in this range. At the same time, the clarity and separation is really impressive for a headphone at this price point. Acoustic guitars have real transparency and resolve, with picks and strums skillfully delineated. Indeed, the EDC Velvet will also work great for folk and bluegrass.


A nice balance between transparency and smoothness in this range. Listening to strings, the note progressions were fluid while retaining a decent amount of nuance for an IEM in this price range. Listening to trumpets in the highest registers, there was no piercing, and the rounded peaks made it an easy and velvety experience in this frequency range. This IEM stay true to its name, for sure.


An impressive amount of depth and even a little bit of height gives the EDC Velvet a feeling of dimension. The imaging provides a nice sense of accuracy as well.


Considering the price point, could this be my favorite IEM in the Noble Audio lineup? Yes! Clear, smooth, warm, balanced, these IEMs are suitable for all genres. I’d put the EDC Velvet in the same echelon as all the classics in this price range, including the Sennheiser HD1 and the Shure SE215. In fact, I’d venture to say that you won’t find a better value for money IEM on the market.

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