Noble Audio Launch Ronin Flagship IEMs

Noble Audio’s high-end library is getting bigger fast. The Ronin is their latest flagship model, boating a 12-driver design that attempts to rival some of the best audiophile IEMs on the market. Their previous efforts have been the highly regarded Viking Ragnar and the Kublai Khan, and the Ronin aims to sit right between those two models, offering a different tuning and shell. Noble Audio claims that the Ronin will have a sound signature with “vivid highs” and a “lush bass.” They look to fulfill that sound with their balanced armature driver and electrostatic arrangement, which utilizes both Knowles and Sonion units.

For its outer shell, the Ronin is hand finished, with fully CNC-machined blue tinsel. The Ronin also includes a hybrid 7-core cable with OCC copper and premium silver. Noble Audio has collaborated with Eletech in order to achieve this design.


  • 5-Way Crossover Consisting of:
    • (x4) Sonion Balanced Armature Drivers (sub-bass/mid-bass)
    • (x4) Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers (mid/high range)
    • (x4) Electrostatic Sonion drivers (high/super high range)
  • Sensitive enough for use with smartphones and portable DAC Amps and DAPs
  • Includes Eletech Custom 7-core cable
    • 2-pin connectors, 4.4mm Pentaconn termination
    • 26 AWG, 4 Wires
    • Gold Plated OCC + Copper & Silver Plated Copper
    • 7 Interior Core Litz
    • OFC Silver Plated Shielding
    • Eletech Custom Connectors and Y-Split

The Noble Audio Ronin is available at Audio46.

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