These Smart Sunglasses Talk Back, Oakley Radar Pace

Oakley Radar Pace

This wearable seems like it’ll revolutionize your extreme workout. Meet Oakley Radar Pace – smart sunglasses that can talk to you.

These Smart Sunglasses Talk Back, Oakley Radar Pace

Teaming up with Intel, popular sunglasses company Oakley has created a new piece of eye wear tech. By fusing fitness, fashion, and tech the commercial brand is taking their spectacles to a whole new level. Oakley Radar Pace is a sports-based pair of glasses built with two earbuds and a slew of features for you to get the most out of your workout. As Oakley advises on their site, “Radar Pace is the triumph of a partnership that dedicated years to its research and development.”

The time they’ve invested to bring Oakley Radar Pace to life seems to be worth it. The finished product is basically an artificially intelligent coaching unit that can create custom workouts just for you. The sunglasses are wired with sensor technology to track heart rate, power output, cadence, speed, distance, time and more.

Thanks to Intel’s Real Speech Recognition you can communicate with Radar – telling it your workout goals. And thanks to artificial intelligence, based off of your goals, Radar (aka your coach) can measure your actual progress and vitals, and track whether your workout plan needs to be altered. Through the earbuds you’ll hear phrases such as “We’re going for 20 miles, climbing 1,800 feet” and “this is too easy for you. Let’s push a little harder” as you continue.

Since these are fitness glasses, the point is to keep your eyes and mind on your workout. That being said, the sporty specs feature touch pads on the temples with the ability to adjust the volume, control music, and make calls from your paired phone, and more with simple taps and swipes. The Oakley Radar Pace was also built to survive the roughest and toughest of sports. The frames hold PRIZM Road Lenses to optimize and sharpen visual acuity. The entire frame is sweat resistant (IPX 5) and features impact protection.

If you’re interested in taking your workout to the next level with Oakley Radar Pace, you can snag them at for $449.


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