OneOdio Fusion A71D Review

There are few things today as popular as gaming, and like every prevalent form of media, good audio plays a key factor. We’ve seen a lot of game audio peripherals develop in the industry, and headphones have become a very important part of sinking us into not only the worlds of games but the growing world of streaming as well. A good pair of headphones is almost essential for games, especially for playing on PC if you lack a good pair of speakers. However, it’s no secret that good sound can get pretty pricey. That’s where OneOdio comes in with their Fusion A71D, a forty-dollar over-ear headphone with chat capabilities. This is a very affordable price for headphones of any kind and will cost you less than an actual full-price release of a game. Is the Fusion A71D a good value?

OneOdio box contents

What You Get 

  • 1x Oneodio Fusion A71D Headphones
  • 1x Dual 3.5mm Y Extension Cable
  • 1x 3.5mm Audio Cable With Volume Control
  • 1x Detachable Boom Mic
  • 1x User Guide

OneOdio cushions

Look and Feel

Sometimes gaming headphones can look like toys, even the pricier models, but the Fusion avoids this type of build for the most part by taking on the aesthetic of a modern noise-canceling headphone. The design reminds me more of a headphone like the Strauss and Wagner BT501 than a market gaming headphone. The faceplates on the ear cups have the same material that gives the headphone a nice shine and does well to set them apart from other gaming products. There isn’t really anything special about the ear cushions or headband, but they provide enough comfort to wear for many hours, even if ear fatigue has a chance of setting in. The pads don’t really have a ton of noise isolation, but still offer a base level of comfort. 

OneOdio Logo


Oneodio provides a nice 40mm neodymium driver for the Fusion, aiming to achieve a high-resolution sound with respectable bass response. The cable has a sizable remote that controls your playback, phone calls, and volume level. It’s easy to use and responds naturally with little to no delay. There aren’t any features outside of this, but the simplicity of the headphone works to its advantage.

OneOdio Main


The detachable boom mic connects to the right earcup, and can be used not only for video game voice chat but casual and work calls as well. The clarity of other voices is clean and well-articulated, and my own voice came in with a similar amount of simplicity with a little added fuzz. Nothing too detrimental, as I was still able to hear myself adequately.

OneOdio Remote


With a headphone jack, the Fusion easily provides a stable level of volume for most devices. Connecting to my PS4 controller gave me a high gain with just enough headroom to adjust the level appropriately. 

OneOdio laid down


One of the most important aspects of a gaming headphone is its soundstage. All of the music and effects need their room to appear effective. Games have so many sound assets and each of them should be clear in order for it to be considered a good gaming headphone. For the most part, the Fusion gets it right, but don’t expect the greatest amount of width and separation. The Fusion is decent with its layering, and sounds do appear in a more floaty space rather than in a hardpoint position. The size and height of the image are what makes this resemble a gaming headphone the most, as pan movement doesn’t just have a horizontal expansion, but vertical as well. The stage here is suitable for games but doesn’t necessarily feel like it puts the focus on them. 

Low End

A lot of gaming headphones like having that thick low-end punch to their sound signature. It helps add heft to certain effects in games like gunshots and explosions. The Fusion definitely accelerates here, with full bass and deep rumble. It’s sort of a requirement for a pair of gaming headphones to have this type of bass texture, but the Fusion is still immensely satisfying in this area.


While the fundamental mids bands are mostly scooped out for a v-shaped sound signature, the low and high mids showcase a fair amount of color and accentuation. While the low-mids are on the warmer side of the spectrum, the upper-mids bring things forward and give the midrange some much-needed extension and resonance. 


In some cases, brightness can be a bit of an issue, but I never felt like they were becoming harmful or unbearable in any way. Sibilance can be heard and are actually surprisingly accurate to the timbre. It’s spacious and adds a considerable amount of height, but I wouldn’t consider it airy. 


At a price less than a full-priced game, the Fusion A71D offers a serviceable sound signature with some ample bass and treble accuracy. Taking video games out of the equation, using these headphones for general chat functions is more than acceptable here. OneOdio provides an affordable headphone that has easily enjoyable sound and voice functions for gaming and business calls.  

The OneOdio Fusion A71D is available from their website and on Amazon. Also, there is a deal going on on Amazon, see details below.

Mon, Feb 22 – Feb 28
12:00 AM – 11:45 PM PST

Original price:29.99
Deal price:$25.49
Discount per unit:$4.50

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