Oppo O-Free Earbuds Included with Some Oppo Find X Phones

Oppo O-Free Earbuds

Oppo is taking their perfectly blend of luxury and technology to new heights with the release of their very pretty Oppo Find X phone and Oppo O-Free earbuds.

Oppo O-Free Earbuds Included with Some Oppo Find X Phones

Oppo O-Free truly wireless earbuds are probably the most luxurious buds I’ve seen to date. The oblong-shaped earpieces showcase a similar smooth and polished exterior as the Oppo Find X which looks like a┬áprecious gemstone. The Find X’s onyx body is highlighted by either a pink-ish (Bordeaux Red) or blue-ish (Glacier Blue) hue which matches the Bordeaux Red and Glacier blue colorways in which you can find the new Oppo Find X in. P.S. In order to create the flow like gradient effect, we used an innovative multifaceted color process, so that the phone will shine elegantly at different angles

Oppo O-Free truly wireless earbuds will be the first to incorporate Qualcomm’s latest wallet-friendly chipset, the QCC3026. This SoC is specially designed to improve upon performance by keeping consuming 50% less power than previous version of entry-level chipsets.

Opp O-Free are able to run for up to four hours off of one charge and can gain an additional 12 hours with the portable charging case.

Oppo O-Free will be available in China in August for 699 Yuan. That’s about $106 USD. Special Orders of Oppo Find X Lamborghini edition will receive Oppo O-Free truly wireless earbuds for free.

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