ORA GrapheneQ Headphones – Lighter Than Paper, Stronger Than Steel

ORA GrapheneQ Headphones

There are a few standard requirements when headphone hunting – being durability and weight. ORA GrapheneQ headphones deliver on both.

ORA GrapheneQ Headphones – Lighter Than Paper, Stronger Than Steel

The new wireless headset brought to you by ORA Sound is comprised of graphene, a material 1000x lighter than paper and 200x stronger than steel. These headphones are comprised of GrapheneQ, which is 95% plus graphene – making them the Superman of all headphones. The proprietary nanocomposite formulation of graphene has been specially crafted and optimized for use in acoustic transducers which allows for a rare degree of stiffness and low density lending itself amazing acoustic properties resulting in a powerful audio.

Aside from a super lightweight frame, the ORA GrapheneQ is loaded with features that are better than the best wireless headphones on the market – Sennheiser, Sony – you name it! Starting with wireless capability, these headphones operate using the latest and greatest iteration of wireless communication standards – Bluetooth 5, which means faster transfer speeds and a whole lot more data. Comparable to its competitors, GrapheneQ headphones also have touch controls on the ear cups for  navigation through playlists as well as the ability to answer calls.

When it comes to wear, the ear cushions are ergonomically shaped for a comfortable fit. Like other wireless headphones, these cans include a detachable cable for wired use and a USB charging cable. Though, ORA hasn’t specified how long these headphones will operate, they say the 3.7V Lithium polymer battery paired with the proprietary nanocomposite formulation achieves 50 percent more battery life.

As for sound, the graphene in these headphones assist in producing transducers with a greater level of sensitivity – meaning these headphones can achieve a louder volume without requiring more energy. There’s also an extended frequency response and low distortion. The 40 mm drivers operate on an impedance of 32 ohms reaching a frequency response range of 4-63,000 Hertz.

ORA GrapheneQ headphones launch on Kickstarter June 20 and will be available at $199.

Crowdfunding disclaimer: P.S. Please note, not all projects hosted by crowdfunding platforms come to fruition. Before making a purchase you should read the FAQs of the hosting platform as well as our article on the risks associated with investing in a crowdfunding project.

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