Meet Ossic X 3D Headphones

Update 12/07/2016: If you want to see Ossic X 3D headphones in action head to CES 2017 in Las Vegas for a sneak peek. Ossic has been honored with the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 Best of Innovation top award so they’ll be sure to display the coolest features of their immersive cans on the show floor.

Get a completely immersive auditory experience when gaming, watching movies, or listening to music when using Ossic X 3D headphones.

Meet Ossic X 3D Headphones

Most headphones shoot audio through our ears and when we move our heads we hear the audio in the exact same place. In reality, our ears work differently.  We hear our environment all around us and any  slight movements in our head changes the way we hear that same environment. Think about it… when you think you hear someone call your name you automatically turn in that direction to hear the “name calling” gets a little bit louder. Ossic X headphones are fashioned to recreate this immersive experience.

Using a smart algorithm and HRTF technology – which accounts for head shape, size of ears,   and your head’s position in space – Ossic X will make a unique listening experience for each user. It uses multiple drivers to launch audio playback that completely surround the listener.

Ossic X 3D Headphones

This is obviously great for gamers who require headphones to properly accompany their 3D gaming experience. Those playing in virtual reality can enjoy an audio experience that matches the depth and perception of their VR experience. When listening to music or watching movies, users have the option of listening in either a concert hall or theater option which I’m sure provides an awesome realistic experience.

Ossic X 3D Headphones

The headphones are designed with an unbreakable headband and removable/washable ear pads and head pads – so feel free to get as crazy as you’d like in your new immersive world. The ear cups are made of a durable metal while the inside features an anechoic ear chamber to absorb any echoes from reflecting soundwaves. To boot, the frame has a built-in microphone and an internal battery that can run for up to 10 hours. The headphones aren’t wireless and use either an aux or USB connection.

Ossic ran a Kickstarter campaign earlier this year that raised over $2 million towards getting their prototype off the ground. Although, you can no longer make a pledge, interested buyers can pre-order Osssic X 3D headphones, slated for a February 2017 release, until July 6 at the cost of $299.00. That’s right! Head over to to save $100 off the regular retail price of $399.

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