Outdoor Tech Rhinos Headphones, Unbreakable and Wireless

Outdoor Tech has made their name building wireless headphones that can with stand… the great outdoors. Now, they’ve made their toughest headset yet. Meet Outdoor Tech Rhinos headphones.

Outdoor Tech Rhinos Headphones, Unbreakable and Wireless

As Outdoor Tech put it over, they’ve been dreaming of these headphones since the company was founded. This is their 5th Kickstarter campaign and this time they’ve certainly brought out all the bells and whistles!

First off, Rhinos headphones are built to be the toughest in the world because the manufacturer’s believe we break everything – whether intentional or not. That being said, the exterior consists of a hard grade material called Turtle Shell. It keeps the headphones from becoming seriously damaged. This hard shell is waterproof with an IP grade of 6 meaning it can withstand a dunk or two.

Now onto the fun features, Outdoor Tech Rhinos headphones feature controls on the ear cup for taking calls, adjusting the volume of your music, and switching back and forth between tracks. They are also able to be used as fun walkie-talkies (with up to 99 people). If you and your friends both have Rhinos, simply press and hold the left button to start chatting. Your message is immediately broadcast to everyone in your group. Rhinos is high tech enough that it knows if the people in your group are listening to music, it will automatically pause before playing the message, and then go right back to playing music. If the other people in your group are on a phone call, then the walkie-talkie message will wait until they are done with the call. Pretty cool!

Outdoor Tech Rhinos continue with the fab features by adding a “drop pin” to let your private group of friends know where you are at anytime. You can also text or message via the headset. If using the fun walkie-talkie function isn’t your thing, you can text to your private group.

But, what about the sound? Well, that is yet to be known. But we know these cans hold 40mm drivers. Outdoor Tech Rhinos are available via Kickstarter for $90 before they retail on the market for $130.

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