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Fiio FH5 Semi-Open Hybrid IEM

FiiO FH5s Semi-Open Hybrid IEM – Review

FiiO is a company I’ve just been starting to dive into after years of hearing buzz about them. Their FH5s IEMs sit in the...

Fiio FD1 Review

Out of all the top IEM brands today, Fiio is the one I am most unfamiliar with. Their top-of-the-line earphone selection has escaped me...
The front of the FiiO K7

FiiO unveils plans for new K7 DAC/amp

In the world of headphone amplifiers, it's undeniable that amplifiers based on THX architecture have been doing very well, with the Drop THX AAA 789,...
FiiO M11 Pro Review Home Screen

FiiO M11 Pro Review

The newest offering from FiiO, the M11 Pro, is slowly making its way to audio retailers and Amazon.  Announced right on the heels of...

FiiO M5 Review

I have an iWatch. And when I go for a run (let’s just pretend that I run), it’s nice to be able to control...

Final Audio B2 vs FiiO FA7 Review

Both of these companies are famous for producing audiophile-grade IEMs at affordable prices. FiiO’s FA7 has been a hot seller for a while now....

FiiO Releases The M11 Pro

Many audiophiles are already familiar with the recently released FiiO M11. And they’ve certainly been selling like hot cakes. Well...FiiO has just released an...
FiiO FA1 Review nozzle and faceplate

FiiO FA1 Review

With a sheet of rainfall finally absolving the city of its ungodly heat, I'm kicking back in the MajorHiFi review headquarters high above Manhattan. ...
Final Audio B2 vs FiiO FH5 Comparisons Review - audiophile iems

Final Audio B2 vs FiiO FH5

One of my favorite IEMs from earlier this year was the FiiO FH5. With an affordable price point, this audiophile IEM took the internet...
FiiO FH7 shell and ear hook and nozzle

An Affinity for Specificity – FiiO FH7 Review

I’ve been hearing buzz about the FiiO FH7 for quite a while. As a big fan of the FH5, I was seriously looking forward...
FiiO FH1on the left vs Shanling ME100 on the right

FiiO FH1 vs Shanling ME100 Review

FiiO and Shanling are companies that deliver fantastic sound for cheap. Many reviews have already been written about the FiiO FH1 and the Shanling...
FiiO FH1 vs Shure SE215 comparison review best affordable IEMs

FiiO FH1 vs Shure SE215 Comparison Review

If you’re looking for a set of affordable and high-quality in-ear monitors (IEMs), there are a handful of good options out there, and the...

strauss and Wagner em8c

Campfire Audio Trifecta Astral Plane In-Ear Montiors

ddHiFi Audio Accessories

HiFiMAN Prelude Fully Balanced Headphone Amplifier


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