Phiaton BT 460 Review

Phiaton BT 460 Review

Designed with a collapsible frame and intuitive smart controls, the Phiaton BT 460 is your new affordable travel-friendly companion.

Phiaton BT 460 Review

Phiaton BT 460 – Build

The headphones are built to provide a pretty good fit on the head without feeling too clunky. The headband is slim, but padded along the underbelly with a silicone-rubber like material. It’s not as comfortable as leather, but it gets the job done. The ear cushions on the other hand are very comfy as they are made of a plush leather blend. The ear cushions are slightly angled inward as if to hug your ears when you’re wearing them. The ear cup is a bit shallow so my ears touch the drivers, but I do like the fit of the cushions. As I mentioned earlier, the Phiaton BT is collapsible. It is shipped inside of a really nice and compact hard grade rubber carry case which makes for easy and safe transport. Each ear cup is made to somewhat pivot or swivel from an axis at the center of the ear cup. This axis seems a little flimsy to me. It doesn’t allow the ear cup to actually swivel, but slightly shimmy from side to side.I wish this motion was a bit smoother. You can also see the foam sponge beneath the ear cup just a tad. Honestly, you can’t see the sponge when wearing the headphones only when you’re moving the cups around in your hands. This isn’t really a big deal, I’m just critical.

Phiaton BT 460 Review

Phiaton BT 460 – Features

The Phiaton BT 460 is a wireless headphone and as such includes a USB charging cable. It also features a USB charging port next to an aux port for a detachable cable on the right ear cup. Wirelessly, the headphones will give you up to 20 hours of talk and play time and 110 hours of standby while taking a full 3 hours to recharge. The most exciting feature on the headphones have to be the smart controls on the touch panel which give wearers the ability to easily swipe forward to skip forward a track, swipe backwards to skip back, tap to pause and play, and slide down and up the panel to adjust the volume all the while with coordinating LED lights making for a brilliant display. It looks pretty cool. The headphones are also smart enough to stop playing music when the headphones are removed from your head and resume playing once placed back on. The cans take about 1.5 seconds to stop and resume, but the ability to do so is pretty nice – especially when someone tries to speak with you and you end up fumbling around trying to turn your music off in time to catch what they are saying. Consider this crisis averted.

Phiaton BT 460 – Sound

The audio quality is surprisingly better than I was expecting. The headphones can deliver across a frequency response range of 10 to 27,000 Hertz. The bass is definitely present with a great deal of depth at the lowest of the lows. Moving into the mid range I found more clarity, but I wanted a bit more fullness. Don’t get me wrong, the mids are still quite nice, but just a little more would do the trick. The highs and treble are more forward without being too harsh until you hit higher volumes. Otherwise, the highs hover nicely over the mids and lows.

Phiaton BT 460 – Specifications

Driver Units 40 mm

Bluetooth 4.0, 33 Ft Range

Frequency Response 10 Hz – 27 kHz

Impedance 32 ohms

More information on the Phiaton BT 460 wireless headphones are available at Amazon. The headset currently retails for $199.

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