New Release Pioneer HDJ-S7 Professional On-Ear DJ Headphones

Pioneer HDJ-S7 Professional On-Ear DJ Headphones

Welcome the world’s first on-ear DJ-headphones holding a whopping 40mm high definition drivers. Introducing Pioneer HDJ-S7 Professional On-Ear DJ Headphones.

New Release Pioneer HDJ-S7 Professional On-Ear DJ Headphones

After the successful release of their HDJ-X10, HDJ-X7, and HDJ-X5 models, Pioneer is launching a new on-ear solution for the small-eared DJ or just anyone that prefers a lighter and slimmer fit. The HDJ-S7 mimics its over-ear brethren as it’s built with super durable materials so these babies can survive a 20 foot drop or so from one of those crazy elevated DJ platforms. In fact, the S7 uses metal components in parts that are tested in high stress environments to create a strong construction for professional use and are subsequently US Military Standard MIL-STD-810G Shock test, as well as DJ-approved. The headband is also flexible and according to Pioneer has passed stringent tests, including opening and closing 20,000 times. The ear pads are comfortable and comprised of high-quality urethane material for cushioning.

When it comes to sound, the headphones are engineered to provide the best in audio playback. The S7 features an independent ground wire inside the 4-core twisted-structure cable to provide superior left and right channel separation, improving sound quality. As I mentioned before, this is the world’s first on-ear DJ headphone with 40mm high definition drivers. It reaches an extended frequency response of 5Hz to 40kHz. This is actually the same range reached by the HDJ-X10, it’s more sophisticated over-ear cousin. This headphone is said to provide “clear sound separation, from rich and tight bass to crystal-clear mid-to-high frequencies.” A bass reflex chamber in the upper housing ensures excellent bass response and sound insulation.

Pioneer HDJ-S7 can be purchased (on backorder) at Audio46  in black or white for $199.

The headphone will include two detachable cables: a 1.2 m coiled cable (approximately 3.0 m when extended) and a 1.6 m straight cable both with L-shaped jacks.

Pioneer HDJ-S7 will include a 2-year warranty.

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Type: Closed, Dynamic
Frequency Response: 5 Hz to 40,000 Hz
Impedance: 48 ohms
Sensitivity: 107 dB
Maximum Input Power: 2,000 mW
Driver: 40 mm
Connection Cords: 1.2 m coiled cable (extended length 3.0 m), 1.6 m straight cable
Weight: 215 g (without cable)
Accessories: 6.3 mm stereo plug adapter (threaded type) and carry case

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