Pioneer HDJ-X7 Vs Pioneer HDJ-X10 Comparison Review

Pioneer HDJ-X7 vs Pioneer HDJ-X10
Pioneer HDJ-X7

These two Pioneer 50 mm driver DJ headphones are separated by a $150 price difference. Both are extremely durable, and the X10 boasts a frequency range of 5 – 40,000 Hz. What are the main differences, and which one has better value at the end of the day? Let’s take a look in this Pioneer HDJ-X7 Vs Pioneer HDJ-X10 Comparison Review.

Pioneer HDJ-X7 Vs Pioneer HDJ-X10Pioneer HDJ-X7 Vs Pioneer HDJ-X10

Pioneer HDJ-X7 Vs Pioneer HDJ-X10 Comparison Review

IN the BOX – Pioneer HDJ-X7 vs Pioneer HDJ-X10

Pioneer HDJ-X7 Pioneer HDJ-X10
1.2 m coiled cable (3 m extended length) 1.2 m coiled cable (3 m extended length)
1.6 m straight cable 1.6 m straight cable
6.3 mm stereo plug adapter 6.3 mm stereo plug adapter (threaded)
Carrying pouch Semi-Hard Carrying Case


FIT and DESIGN – Pioneer HDJ-X7 vs Pioneer HDJ-X10

At first glance, the design differences between the X7 and the X10 are not that obvious.  But the X10 has a few extra features that set these two headphones apart. First, the X10 has a nano coating that keeps it resistant to deterioration. Dirt and sweat aren’t a problem after a quick wipe. The X10’s threaded cable is also more durable. Second, the X10 headphone has a 4 pole mini XLR input, which at least has a small impact on the quality of sound. More important is the fact that the X10’s frequency range is wider than that of the X7; 5 – 40,000 Hz versus 5 – 30,000 Hz. The X10 is also slightly heavier and features more silver on the ear cup (in the silver model). The fit on these feel similar. Both have a good seal and are snug enough to wear for lengthy DJ gigs. But the X10 give off slightly less pressure and feel wider around the ear. I would say the X10 is a more comfortable fit.

SOUND – Pioneer HDJ-X7 vs Pioneer HDJ-X10

The difference between the X10 and the X7 is not staggering, but certainly enough to warrant the the X10’s higher price tag. In general, the sound on the X10 feels rounder. And this is probably the main attribute that separates the X10 from the X7. On both the X10 and the X7, the sound is really sturdy and robust. I enjoyed the detail on both of these. I was listening to Daft Punk on these Pioneers, and I have to say, funk is fun. The X10 seems to have more clarity, which you can hear through various musical elements, like the texture in the vocals and dynamics of the drums. The drums on both of these are nice and punchy, and when it comes to bass on both models, tight is the word. I completely fell into the depth and substance of the bass, but it wasn’t at all too thick or muddy. Between the two versions, I didn’t hear much difference in the quality of the bass. Pop and hip-hop sounded clean and compressed. On both models, the mids aren’t as warm and lush as I’d like, so rock songs don’t realize their full possibilities.  Then again, most DJ’s aren’t playing The Stones.  One of the main problems with the X7 is that the higher frequencies are a little too edgy. This felt much less so on the X10;  the treble had more of a rolloff and was less emphasized. The timbre also comes through a little more on the X10, and you can hear this when playing strings and acoustic guitars. The soundstage on both models felt wide and open. The spaciousness really comes through on vocal arrangements and harmonies, maybe even more so on the X10’s.

When all has been said, both the X10 and X7 are great DJ headphones, and neither will disappoint. They’ll probably both last forever too. But if you’re already dishing out serious dough, I personally think it’s worth the investment to go for the Pioneer X10.

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SPECIFICATIONS – Pioneer HDJ-X7 vs Pioneer HDJ-X10

Pioneer HDJ-X10 Pioneer HDJ-X7
Weight 328 g 312 g
Maximum Input Power 3500 mW 3500 mW
Output Sound Level 106 dB 102 dB
Frequency Range 5 – 40,000 Hz 5 – 30,000 Hz
Impedance 32 Ohms 36 Ohms


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