Meet ProSounds H2P Earplugs

ProSounds H2P is a hearing device designed to suppress harmful noise while enhancing sound up to six times more than the normal hearing level.

Meet ProSounds H2P

The H2P is a high quality engineered audio enhancer that also seeks to protect your hearing. Designed for those who are constantly exposed to loud noises, the ProSounds Team advises their product is especially advantageous for extreme sports, construction, riflery, and more.

H2P compresses noises over 85 decibels. Anything over 90 decibels is permanently damaging to hair cells in your ears which results in hearing loss. Even some basic activities are harmful to your hearing(i.e blow drying your hair – 90 db). That being said, the bite-size plugs seem to be great for everyday use as well.

ProSounds H2P

The H2P looks like a wireless earbud with a small dial on the outside. This dial allows users to control the volume. ProSounds provides various types of ear tips which in turn control your hearing experience. Foam tips offer the most protection – up to 30 db. Silicone tips are provided for a more comfortable experience while protecting up to 24 db. Tulip tips were fashioned for breathability. These tips allow ambient noise to pass through the canal. Subsequently, allowing users to hear a blend of enhanced as well as natural noise.

ProSounds H2PHowever, ProSounds makes clear the H2P is not a hearing aid. “Even though the H2P is not technically a hearing aid, it can be extremely beneficial to people who are hard of hearing or for those who want to use it for every day use,” they write on their Indiegogo campaign page.

ProSounds H2P runs on size 10 Zinc Air batteries – one for each ear – which give the hearing device a total run time of up to 140 hours. For the next 14 days ProSounds will be running their crowdfunding campaign that offers the H2P at the discounted rate of $299. The retail value is looking to be $499. For those who pledge enough to purchase a set of ear plugs will receive their order in November 2016.

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