PS5 Adds Dolby Atmos Integration

Since its launch, the PlayStation 5 has been slowly adding accessibility options for third-party hardware. One feature that many have been asking for is Dolby Atmos integration. When the Xbox Series X launched, it became the first console to support Dolby Atmos, and now Sony has finally caught up. Previously, the PS5’s spatial audio features were exclusive to Sony’s Tempest Audio, which gives any pair of headphones the ability to have 3D sound. Now, via firmware update, the PS5 will fully support Dolby Atmos. You can use the format with any compatible device, which can give your gaming experience a significant upgrade. Tempest 3D Audio will still be in use, but it can now help power Atmos systems.

What Does Dolby Atmos Add To Your Gaming Experience?

Spatial audio is one of the highlights of this new console generation. It gives games the opportunity to expand their expressive soundscapes while being more of an accessible feature compared to surround sound. With spatial audio, all you need is a pair of headphones or speakers, and you’ll be able to listen to audio that goes beyond the stereo field. Dolby Atmos is just one of the names that has brought 3D audio into a ton of homes, but it’s definitely the biggest. Most speaker systems and sound bars on the market use Dolby Atmos technology, and now the PS5 will be able to properly render it.

If you use your PS5 to watch 4K Blu-Rays, then you might have already used Dolby Atmos. While there’s never been native Dolby Atmos accessibility with the PS5, Blu-ray discs can always give you Atmos sound. With this new update, apps like Netflix and any other in-console platform will be able to use Atmos without the use of discs. If you own a PS5, have a Dolby Atmos compatible device, and are interested in hearing what it could add, here is how you can use it. On your PS5, go to [Settings] > [Sound] > [Audio Output] > [Audio Format (Priority)], and then select [Dolby Atmos].

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