Qobuz Now Supports THX Spatial Audio Tracks

Music streaming has gone through a lot of innovation in the past few years. Many services have greatly improved their sound quality to a lossless format, making getting high-fidelity music more accessible. Spatial audio has also made a big splash as well, with Dolby Atmos having a hand in Apple Music and Tidal. Qobuz has been offering HiFi streaming longer than most and has now announced that they are debuting new tracks with spatial audio support from THX.

With these new 24-bit tracks, you can hear an immersive 360 soundstage through any pair of headphones. Combining the Qobuz standard of 24-bit Hi-Res audio clarity with THX Spatial Audio for Music technology gives the listener the feeling of being in a space with the very artists themselves. No extra hardware is required.

Some of the selections you can listen to now are ‘Whenever You’re Ready’ (originally performed by The Zombies) performed by Dinosaur Jr., ‘Double Dare’ by Circuit des Yeux (originally performed by Bauhaus), and ‘Calling Vic Juris’ from Anat Cohen. These tracks were all recorded and mastered with the spatial audio experience in mind.

Click the link here for more information on THX Spatial Audio.

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