Queen Of Audio Aviation Review

Queen Of Audio Aviation Review

Queen of Audio is known for their stylish and inexpensive IEMs. I’ve enjoyed past efforts like the Vesper and Mojito, and their new Aviation model interests me. These IEMs cost $199 and are the latest IEMs to be released from QoA.

What You Get

  • Queen of Audio Aviation x 1
  • Cable: 0.78mm 2pin, 3.5mm+4.4mm (interchangeable plug), 5N OCC cable x 1
  • Eartips:
  • Balanced Eartips x 3 (S/M/L)
  • Vocal Eartips x 3 (S/M/L)
  • Premium Storage Case x 1

Queen Of Audio Aviation single

Look & Feel

In this price range, you can’t beat the overall presentation of Queen of Audio IEMs. Like its sister brand Kinera, QoA is all about flashy aesthetics connected by a certain theme. Usually, QoA’s IEMs have a cocktail theme, but the Aviation has a fitting sky theme. There are two versions of it too, mirage and galaxy. Each shell is hand-crafted with beautiful artistry. The Aviation doesn’t dwell too far from QoA’s usual shape and fit style, so the shell shouldn’t feel too cumbersome in the ear.

Queen Of Audio Aviation cable


The Aviation uses a hybrid system that includes an 8mm dynamic driver and three balanced armatures made by Knowles. These drivers are separated by a 3+1 crossover tuning that ensures separation between each range of frequency. The output works well with just about any headphone output, but using a DAC dongle with a 4.4mm balanced port brought the biggest potential from the drivers.

Queen Of Audio Aviation pair


This isn’t the widest or most spacious soundstage I’ve heard in this price range, but the response is still clear and organized. Its scope feels like a standard stereo field that can offer some notable dimension. Some specific sound elements can feel open, but the depth is more limited to a linear sound surface. You can make out some layers, but everything appears flat in front of your face. The imaging is performed elegantly though, and provides easy immersion with distinct instruments. Your head still gets engulfed in the mix, and it feels natural in its presentation. Both channels have a clear identity and offer accurate positioning of elements that always come across as realistic.

Low End

The bass has a consistent bloom of texture that resonates with a smooth timbre. It has a gentle impact, but the tone feels thick and engrossing. You won’t get that snappy, precise punch from these lows, but the contents rise from an origin. This is how the shape of the bass is delivered, and it’s expressed with great clarity. The area of frequency is properly sectioned off, mainly resonating around your jaw. All potential midrange bleed is prevented, with most of the detail emerging from the sub-bass.


In the midrange, you get a lively sound that expresses full instruments and the space between them. It’s a very musical sound that presents a lush sonic environment for the mids to play in. Everything has a notable scale and body to it that attacks with significant weight. There’s an energy presented here that makes tons of notes pop, offering a distinct strike in the upper midrange. Vocals are balanced well, and while they don’t stand out above the instrumental they still have a clear response.


The highs bring an even level of snappiness and smoothness. It does a great job of offering a glint of brightness with each note that feels easy to listen to. There’s a bit of a roll-off, but it doesn’t let the highs fall into dullness. It does enough to the point where the treble has a consistent coating over the sound signature but is light enough with its peaks so as to not cause fatigue.


I’m very happy with the sound of the Aviation. While it might not feature the most impact, the bass, mids, and highs are all presented elegantly, and with the right amount of detail and clarity that impresses in this price range. Combine that with the excellent artistry that Queen of Audio continues to implement in all of their products, and the Aviation becomes a heavy hitter for two hundred dollars.

Pros  Cons
  • Smooth bass
  • Full mids
  • Controlled highs
  • Craftsmanship
  • Balanced adapter
  • Soundstage lacks depth

The Queen of Audio Aviation is available at Audio46.

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