Revols Custom Fit Earbuds in 60 Seconds

Revols Custom Fit Earbuds

Revols custom fit earbuds use Bluetooth technology to create your personalized headphones in a minute flat!

Revols Custom Fit Earbuds in 60 Seconds

Technology can seemingly do anything these days, including the ability to activate a specially formulated nanocomposite to form a mold in your ear.

Revols believes each of our earbuds should be personalized to provide an optimal sound experience so they are making it super simple to do so. Here’s how their technology works. Once you have your Revols in hand, download the Revols companion app. Next you place the earphones in your ears and allow the gel to take shape. Then, open the companion app, click “start customization,” and wait 60 seconds while the gel hardens to its final state – a solidified molding of your ear. Nice!

On the outside of the headphones, no molding is exposed. Actually, the outer rim of the headphones display a sleek and minimalist design. That outer face can be covered with special silicone sport casings, if you so desire, to protect your headphones from scratches, sweat, and water damage. Otherwise, the earbuds are still quite durable, exposing an diamond cut chamfered metal edge.

Revols Custom Fit Earbuds

Revols paired with Japanese audio company ONKYO to ensure your custom mold sounds as good as it looks. The buds are wireless and a full charge can give you an ample 8 hours of playback. Although, with the Revols Revive battery pack, an additional 6 hours can be achieved. The battery pack simply clips onto the back of the earphone wire. The carry case for the earbuds also function as a charger.

That being said, Revols feature an in-line mic and controller to take calls, adjust volume, and switch back and forth between tracks. With the use of the Revols app, users can further adjust the amount of ambient noise they would like to hear.

Revols custom fit earbuds are compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows products. They are currently available for pre-order at a discounted price of $220 rather than the listed MSRP of $300. The headphones will ship worldwide in early 2017.

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