RHA and Comply Ear Tips Partner Up

RHA and Comply Ear Tips

Starting this Spring, you can expect a pair of comfy Comply memory foam ear tips with your order of RHA earbuds – thanks to RHA and Comply Ear Tips forming a new partnership.

RHA and Comply Ear Tips

RHA and Comply Ear Tips

When it comes to the difference between a satisfactory and exceptional listening experience comfort plays a major role, especially for longer listening sessions. Hearing Components, Inc., manufacturer of the Comply brand, marks their territory as a premium earbuds business – distributing memory foam buds that are 30x softer than silicone.

This is amazing news for those who love listening to Hi-Res Audio through earbuds, such as the RHA, but find it difficult due to discomfort. thankfully a number of RHA models will ship with these premium ear tips. To be more precise, orders of MA750 and MA750i, and the Red Dot Award-winning T10, T10i, T20 and T20i will be supplied with two pairs of medium size Comfort Plus with WaxGuard™ (Tsx-200 Series) ear tips alongside eight pairs of RHA’s own silicone ear tips in various sizes.

RHA and Comply Ear Tips

On coupling up with Comply, RHA Product Director Lewis Heath said the British audio company was delighted to do so. “The quality of Comply ear tips perfectly complements our High-Res Audio products and offering them together will lead to even better listening experiences.”

Director of Sales & Marketing for Hearing Components, Inc. Steve Trinter shared the same sentiments on RHA and Comply Ear Tips teaming up, saying, “It’s wonderful to be partnering with such an innovative company as RHA and to have Comply foam tips as part of the RHA product offering. Our technologies are extremely complimentary – consumers will find that the resulting audio experience is truly exquisite.”

Comply ear tips aid in delivering exceptional sound quality thanks to the memory foam buds which take shape to the wearer’s ear canal. The shape and size of our bodies change with movement and temperature. Comply’s ear tips were created to adapt to that change creating a true fit seal providing optimal sound isolation and enhanced sound at lower volumes.

In honor of the new partnership, RHA is giving away a MA750i, T10i and T20i Black with two packs of Comply™ Foam Tsx-200 ear tips. Visit the RHA for more information.

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