RHA MA750i Earphones for iPhone Review

RHA MA750i Earphones Review

Hey, iPhone users. Sick of the tangly white crime scene in your pocket? Go find that lighting adapter thingy in your bedside drawer and upgrade your buds to something more decent.  I recently tested out the RHA MA650 for Android and was impressed by the quality for the price. So, I’m curious to see how the higher-priced RHA MA750i for iPhone holds up. Is it worth 130 bucks? Let’s find out in this RHA MA750i Earphones for iPhone Review.

RHA MA750i Earphones for iPhone Review

IN the BOX

10 sets of different sized ear tips, including silicone, double flange and foam.

Leatherette zipper pouch.

Shirt clip.

 RHA MA750i Earphones Review


No complaints in this category. I would be surprised if you couldn’t find the right fit with amount of tips that RHA offers. Easy to pop in, these buds provide a secure seal and good amount of sound isolation. And if you’re still worried about them falling out, rest assured that the over-ear hooks will make them feel safer than your blanky.

 RHA MA750i Earphones Review


What makes the MA750i designed for your iPhone? The remote. Play, pause and skip away. Use Siri to make a call to the wrong person. She’s stupid, but cheaper than a secretary.

A 3 year warranty! These buds will outlive your hamster. The cable is thick and solid for an earphone at this price range, and I didn’t run into any tangles. The connector also looks super sturdy. 

As for the earphones themselves, you’ve got stainless steel combined with RHA’s signature “Aerophonic” housing, designed to produce high resolution sound and a big soundstage. Let’s see if this claim holds true.

 RHA MA750i Earphones Review


I love these! Fat, warm and snappy with a gigantic soundstage. Let’s see the breakdown…


We’ve got a huge, subby and resonating bass here. It sits quite forward in the mix and conveys a fun, punchy feel. These buds are perfect for pop, hip-hop and EDM if you appreciate a really meaty sound. The lows are very present, and for some, it may feel like this frequency overwhelms the rest of the mix. But for those who like it really warm and rich, this headphone is for you.


At times, the lows seem to drive the lower midrange, and the upper mids are less emphasized. What you’re left with is an extremely full and luscious character that sounds great when listening to big rock and pop-rock choruses. Despite this thickness, you get a decent sense of clarity. These are fast little buds too, giving percussion a ton of pop and crispy goodness. However, I wouldn’t call this headphone ideal for acoustic instruments. If you listen to a lot of folk or bluegrass, I would go for something a little more balanced and well separated.


This range is generally smooth sounding. But a little piercing in the very high registers, like when I listen to Miles Davis, for example. But there are few headphones that can handle that damn trumpet. Not a huge amount of transparency, but strings sound silky and the notes feel pleasantly cohesive.


Wow! A very impressive soundstage for the price. With an ample amount of width, height and depth, these buds have an accurate, multidimensional feel that are worth a much higher price tag.


The MA750i are really fun to listen to, especially with respect to pop and rock music. The warm lows, along with an impressive transient response and a massive soundstage, make the MA750i a great value headphone for people who like it fleshy, fast and big. The sound is great too.

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Drivers: Handmade Dynamic (Model 560.1)

Sensitivity: 100dB

Cable: 1.35m reinforced OFC

Frequency Range: 16 – 40,000Hz

Impedance: 16 Ohms

Weight: 35 g

Warranty: 3 Years




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