RHA’s Upcoming CL2 Planar Could Turn Some Heads

The Upcoming CL2 Planar Magnetic IEMS
The Upcoming CL2 Planar Magnetic IEMS

RHA’s upcoming CL2 Planar will feature the smallest planar magnetic driver available in the audiophile market. Packaged alongside a powerful bluetooth neckband cable, this IEM is suited to make a name for itsself.

RHA’s Upcoming CL2 Planar Could Turn Some Heads

The British engineers over at RHA have built an impressive portfolio of quality in-ears that won’t break the bank. Their products have generally ranged from $30 to $200 USD, and have been steadily generous in their price-to-quality value. RHA’s Upcoming CL2 Planar may be their first deviation of this formula, but all is yet to be seen. Priced at $899.95, these earphones are missing the affordability-appeal that RHA has built it’s name around. However, if all goes as promised, we may be provided the same value we’ve come to expect.

There’s a reason that the world of audiophile in-ear monitors is dominated by dynamic and  balanced armature drivers instead of planar magnetic ones. In planar magnetic transduction, the diaphragm most often requires a cumbersome amount of surface area to achieve the same frequency extension that another driver could provide with greater convenience. If you’ve seen Audeze’s iSines, you may be familiar with the predicament.

RHA has designed an impressively bite-sized planar magnetic driver for the CL2. Thus, so long as the official frequency response chart is accurate, the price tag is beyond justified. It helps to note that included in the package is a neckband-style Bluetooth MMCX cable with a 12-hour battery life, as well as 3.5 and 2.5 cables. You’ll also see additional tips (silicon and Comply foam), a pouch, a case, and a bunch of other goodies.

It’s hard not to be excited about the arrival of the upcoming CL2 planar dynamic earphones from RHA. Keep an eye on MajorHiFi in the near future too see if these proposed game-changers live up to their specs.

RHA CL2 Planar costs $899.95 and is available for pre-order at Audio46.




Weight: 9g (without cables)

Impedance: 15 ohms

Max/rated power: 2 / 10mW

Sensitivity: 89dB

Frequency range: 16 Hz – 45,000 Hz

Manufacturer’s Warranty: 3 years



• CL2 Planar in-ear headphone
• Ag4x silver coated cable: MMCX – 2.5mm balanced
• Braided oxygen-free copper (OFC) cable: MMCX – 3.5mm
• SecureFlex Bluetooth® neckband: MMCX
• Flight case
• Carry pouch
• Stainless steel ear tip holder
• USB C charging cable
• Flight adapter
• Dual density silicone ear tips: 2xS, 2xM, 2xL
• Double flange silicone ear tips: 1xS, 1xL
• Comply™ Foam Tsx400 ear tips: 3xM
• Sports clip


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