Roon 1.8 To Be Released Soon

Roon Main image

If you haven’t heard about Roon, it’s a music streaming service that lets you connect with millions of artists, and organizes them into a digital collection with tons of features. Take your high-fidelity tracks from your TIDAL or QOBUZ, and Roon will expand them with extended metadata and bit-perfect playback quality.

Roon now looks to deliver their biggest software update yet, with a completely redesigned look, taking inspiration from the concept of a museum. An airy, neutral environment in which to display things of beauty. You’ll see your music right where you want it: front and center.

Roon page redesign

Roon now surfaces and suggests music with uncanny sensitivity and insight, Using its deep metadata and an understanding of over 100,000 expert listeners from Valence.

Roon interface

To Roon, music isn’t just data, and with this new redesign, they aim to make learning about your music more engaging than ever.

Learn more about Roon’s groundbreaking new update here.

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