Roon Support Is Coming To Astell & Kern

2021 is gearing up to be a big year for Roon. The curated music service is made especially for music enthusiasts, featuring an engaging user interface, credits, bios, reviews, lyrics, tour dates, all in the style of a digital magazine.

Starting March 16th, 2021, two of Astell & Kern’s flagship players, the SP1000 and SP2000 will have Roon ready support via a firmware update. With the addition of Roon Ready certification, Astell&Kern once again sets the bar for portable high-resolution audio players by adding new features to provide audiophiles with the ultimate audio experience.

Being Roon Ready means that Astell&Kern players transparently discover and connect to Roon without any configuration, and bit-perfect audio is delivered from Roon to the player.

Together, Roon and Astell&Kern deliver the power, flexibility, and performance of networked audio, with the easiest setup and highest reliability available.

The SP1000 and SP2000 are available from Astell & Kern.

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MAJORHIFI may receive commissions from retail offers.
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