Rush Charge is a Tiny, Cable-Free Power Bank

Rush Charge Power Bank

These things are selling like hot cakes and for good reason. Rush Charge is just about the simplest power bank and it’s cable-free.

Rush Charge is a Tiny, Cable Free Power Bank

Just to give you an idea, the company sold out of 10,000 units within 6 minutes on QVC, the live home-shopping channel. That’s quite fast.


First of all, this small unit is available for both Android-based and iOS Lightning-based devices. It can power an array of items including: MP3 players, iPods, iPads, iPhones, tablets, kindles, wireless headphones, wireless speakers, gaming consoles, digital cameras, charging cases, and even other power banks.

Second, it is sans cable. There are no wires to get tangled in your purse, fray in your pocket, and subsequently never work. This automatically improves the life expectancy of this charger in my book.

Third, it includes a cap. This is essential. The clear cap easily snaps on and off of the charging unit. It also protects the small tip from breaking off in your purse or pocket. To boot, inside the cap are tiny strips that further lock the tip in place. Bra-vah!

Fourth, the unit is able to store up to 8+ hours of charge. There are three LED lights on the front which are quite easy to understand. There is also tiny quick start guide included that details more information.

Fifth, it’s tiny and no wider or thicker than that of the standard cellphone.


This charging unit isn’t able to work if your phone is surrounded by a case. Unfortunately, the protruding microUSB/Lightning unit isn’t long enough to secure itself inside your phone and begin charging when your phone is surrounded by a protective layer of plastic or rubber or whatever. For an item that’s intended for on-the-go use it really misses the mark here since I definitely don’t want to take the time to remove my phone case to quick charge my phone. I’d rather use my slightly larger power bank that has both microUSB and Lightning charging cables built-in.

It’s not a totally make it or break it, as long as you don’t mind removing your case to power up.

The units are $22 and available for purchase via or in store at Audio46.

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