SCOSCHE Rockstar Headphones Collab Intros 3 New Cans

Scosche has teamed up with Rockstar Energy to release three new headphones as part of the Scosche Rockstar headphones collaboration. Meet ThudBuds HP200RS, RH1060RS Bluetooth, & SHPRS1.

SCOSCHE Rockstar Headphones Collab Intros 3 New Cans

ThudBuds HP200RS are a fine tuned make of the ThudBud Sports featuring over-ear hooks. The new rendition is said to “produce genuine acoustics, solid mids and bursting bass” with the use of 10.5mm drivers full range acoustic reproduction to bring listeners’ tunes to life. They also offer a lightweight, ergonomic and comfortable design for active lifestyles. ThudBuds feature enhanced stress relief for added durability during the most extreme conditions. The while sweat resistant jackets ensure the earphone drivers remain unharmed from exposure to perspiration. Different silicone ear tips are also included for added noise isolation in loud outdoor environments. The Scosche Rockstar Edition earbuds are available now in black, black & yellow, and white & yellow colorways for $19.99 now at

The Scosche Rockstar headphones collaboration also brings two new on-ear headphones to the forefront. Taking a step into the wireless world, Scosche and Rockstar bring us the RH1060RS Bluetooth Stereo headphones. These cans feature ear cup controls to easily navigate through playlists, pause and play songs, as well as take calls. These headphones also feature 40mm drivers delivering an impeccable audio experience along with extremely soft ear cushions for superior fit and comfort, and the lightweight headband maintains comfort for extended listening. The RH1060RS Bluetooth Stereo Headphones will be available later in by the end of March 2017 in black, white and gold models for $199.99 at

The third pair of cans released by the Scosche Rockstar headphones collaboration are called SHPRS1 On-Ear. These headphones lack Bluetooth capability but offer smooth ear cushions for all-day comfort, a lightweight headband and an angled 3.5mm connector for strain relief and a flawless signal transfer. The SHPRS1 headset is available now for $39.99 at and select retailers.

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