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Chord Mojo 2 Vs FiiO Q7 DAC/Amp Review

Chord Mojo 2 Vs FiiO Q7 DAC/Amp Review

Both FiiO and Chord are market leaders in the world of portable and desktop DAC/amps. Recently, Chord and FiiO have released DAC/amps that fall...
Fiio Q7 Review

Fiio Q7 Review

Ever since listening to the Fiio M17, I have been craving a similar system to match its class. It is still one of the...
FiiO BTR 7 Vs iFi GO Blu Comparison Review by Major HIFI

Fiio BTR 7 Vs iFi Go Blu Comparison Review

There are two big portable wireless DACs on the market right now, and one of them has only been just released. The iFi Go...
FiiO BTR7 Review

Fiio BTR 7 Review

The Fiio BTR 5 was a device I had a specific attachment to. It was my personal portable DAC/Amp that I would use on...

Fiio UTWS5 Review

There have not been many true wireless adapters for IEMs, but the ones that have come out have all been useful. The last ones...
FiiO FD7

Fiio FD7 Review

Fiio has been at the front end of a lot of semi-open-air IEMs recently, with models like the FH5s, and FA7s. I've listened to...

FiiO FA7s Review

FiiO is quickly becoming well-known for their IEMs across a broad range of prices. One of their newer models, the FA7s, makes use of...

Fiio FH9 Review

We've previously covered the FH5 and FH5s here on MajorHiFi, and we were happy with what Fiio had to offer. Their semi-open back IEM...

Fiio M17 Portable Music Player Review

It wasn't that long ago when I reviewed the Fiio M11 Plus LTD, a digital audio player that I felt was one of the...
Fiio Main

Fiio K9 Pro Review

It's difficult to find a solid headphone amp for less than a thousand that has all of the features you need for your HiFi...

Fiio BTR5 2021 Review

There's been a good crop of portable, Bluetooth DACs that have become popular with some audiophiles on the go. A few manufacturers have dabbled...

Fiio KA3 USB Audio Adapter Review

Audiophiles have become pretty familiar with a good number of Fiio's selection of DAC amps, from the BTR3K to the popular BTR5. Recently, they...

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