New Release: Sennheiser MB 660 Headphones with Adaptive ANC

Sennheiser MB 660 Adaptive Active Noise Cancelling

Sennheiser is on a roll with their new active noise cancelling headsets. While many travelers are anticipating the PXC 550, the German company has announced yet another ANC unit and this one’s for the business savvy who need to remain productive in noisy, open office environments. Meet Sennheiser MB 660 with adaptive active noise cancelling.

New Release: Sennheiser MB 660 Headphones with Adaptive ANC

In an effort to facilitate more open and collaborative work spaces, many offices have ditched cubicles for open office spaces. This environment encourages communication between employees, but this can be noisy and bothersome for other workers. This is why Sennheiser created MB 660 headphones with adaptive active noise cancelling. Adaptive noise cancelling means rather than act like other ANC headphones which are either on or off, the MB 660 allows users to select different settings: ANC fully on or Sennheiser’s innovative NoiseGard™ hybrid adaptive ANC. NoiseGard technology constantly monitors the background environment for ambient noises and adapts the level of noise reduction accordingly in your headset. Pretty cool! Working in tandem with Sennheiser’s mobile app called CapTune, wearers of the MB 660 headphones can further adjust their ambient noise level.

As a business profile headset, Sennheiser’s MB 660 headphone ensures while tuning out your noisy environment you can still handle your business. State of the art microphones and three different noise-filtering technologies are installed to ensure crystal clear communication between you and your clientele, or anyone else for that matter.  Sennheiser’s SpeakFocusTM technology is designed to focus in on the user’s voice to deliver better sounding audio on the listener’s end while Advanced Own-Voice-Detector is fashioned to instantly reduce disrupting background noises when detected, like typing and paper rustling, while optimizing speech intelligibility. While outdoors, the headphones promises to deliver the same clear audio while employing WindSafeTM technology to reduce wind noise. In addition, Sennheiser’s Room Experience technology allows sound to feel more natural and create a more comfortable experience during a call.

Speaking on the new headsets Sennheiser Communications A/S President Andreas Bach said, “Research shows that noise and distractions in open plan offices can have negative effects on productivity. With MB 660, we can now upgrade the work experience for office workers, help them take control of their environment and create a disruption-free workspace for increased productivity and well-being.”

Best of all, the Sennheiser MB 660 headphones still deliver the stellar Sennheiser sound. You can head over to Sennheiser’s website to see if these headphones will be available in your area. It is also available at the lowest price on Amazon.*

*Make sure to verify if your seller is an authorized retailer for warranty.

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