Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 Review

I own the original Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless. And though I’m a big fan of the sound, there are certain elements of the design which I found disappointing. But Sennheiser has released an updated version of its original true wireless earphone model, which promises some major improvements and added features. What can you now expect in terms of design and sound? Let’s take a look in this Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 Review.

Sennhesier Momentum True Wireless 2 Review

IN the BOX


Many folks with smallish ears ran into problems with the relatively large shell size of the original Momentum True Wireless model. For many, the original earbuds would protrude out of the ears rather than sit securely in the ear contours. For this reason, Sennheiser has reduced the shell size of the new model, offering a snugger and more ergonomic fit. I definitely prefer it, and I had no worries about losing them.


Active Noise Cancellation

The True Wireless 2 implements active noise cancellation technology. To be honest, I thought the original model did a fine job of naturally isolating sound. And I had a hard time telling the difference between when the ANC was switched on or off. That being said, I was in an already quiet environment. I’m not riding the subways these days. But for those of you who are new to ANC technology, it may be important to note that no ANC headphone can completely eliminate outside sound. With ANC activated in these earbuds, outside noise is considerable reduced, but I can still hear myself typing, for example. Like most other ANC headphones, the True Wireless 2 has also included a transparent hearing mode, which lets in sound from the outside environment.


You can control a host of functions using the touchpad on left and right earbud. The earpieces allow you play/pause, skip tracks, answer/end calls, control volume and activate voice assistant. You’ll also be able to switch between ANC modes. Although I’m not usually a fan of touch controls, I find the ones on the Momentum TW to be responsive, yet not overly sensitive.

Sennheiser also throws in a few other neat features, such as “smart pause,” which automatically pauses the music when you take the earbuds out of your ears. And this feature can be switched off via the accompanying app.

Another important upgrade is the ability to manually turn off the earbuds. A huge problem I had with the first model was that the earbuds only turned off when you put them in the case or left them idle for 60 minutes. (Though this feature never actually worked on my pair). And if there was no charge left in the case, the earbuds would stay turned on and the battery would drain. So, you actually wouldn’t get the full 12 hour usage time as advertised. I don’t know if that was a problem specific to only some pairs (and I happened to be unlucky) but it seems that I wasn’t the only one with this issue. Luckily, Sennheiser has finally addressed this flaw by allowing you to manually turn off the earphones via the accompanying app.

Accompanying Apps

Like the original model, the Momentum True Wireless 2 come with the Smart Control App. It offers an equalizer, as well as some added control over you headphone settings. In addition, it provides periodic firmware updates to keep your earbuds current.

Battery Life

One of the most significant improvements to the new Sennheiser earbuds is the battery life. It now offers an impressive 7 hours of usage at a time with an additional 21 hours of charge in the charging case. This is makes the Momentum True Wireless 2 a major upgrade from the original model, which only offered a mediocre 12 hours of total playtime. Reliability also seems to improved in this department. As many people had issues with battery drain in the previous model.

Calls Clarity

Call clarity is clear enough for long conversations, though not particularly remarkable. A little hollow and don’t expect to hear any nuances in the caller’s voice. But hey, it gets the job done.

Water Resistance

These earbuds offer an IPX4 rating, which means they can withstand a significant amount of sweat and rain.


Low Frequencies

There’s nothing stingy about this bass. Thick and punchy with plenty of grip. It’s a bass that brings tons of impact to pop tracks and plenty of warmth to rock. So, if you appreciate a meaty sound, the earbuds will deliver. At the same time, the low end is only amply present when called upon. And the Momentum True Wireless 2 is one of the most detailed true wireless earphones I’ve yet to test. So, if you’re a fan of classical music, you’ll appreciate the highly textured feel of string instruments in this rage.

Middle Frequencies

The midrange is altogether scrumptious. Lush and all encompassing, this is my favorite kind of balance. The higher midrange avoids emphasis, so there’s no harshness, and vocals never artificially stick out of the mix. The level of separation is also impressive for such a warm sound profile. Guitar strums are neatly outlined, yet that famous Momentum “softness” still remains. It’s sweet and super easy on the ears.

High Frequencies

Fantastic detail remains in the highs. And though this sound signature leans on the darker side, the high frequencies rarely feel blunted or rolled off. But that thickness still remains, and female vocals reveal a weight and velvety profile that really satiates the ears.


The Momentum True Wireless 2 offers perhaps the biggest soundstage I’ve ever tested in a true wireless earphone. Live performances, especially, have a grand feel. And there’s plenty of dimension with respect to instrument placement, providing a colorful soundscape in tracks with lots of imaging.


Pros: Rich and majestic sound signature; long battery life; good fit; equalizer control.
Cons: Compared to the previous model, there are none.


Sennheiser has successfully addressed all my complaints about their first true wireless model. The fit is more ergonomic, the battery life is infinitely longer and the technical design flaws have finally been fixed. The sound is the same, but the Momentum sound signature needed no improvement. And I appreciate the fact that Sennheiser has resisted the temptation to raise the price point from the first model. So, I can safely say that I think they have redeemed themselves.

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