Sennheiser Reveals Conversation Clear Plus Hearing Aids

Have you ever found it difficult to properly hear conversations in noisy environments? It is a common issue that most will come across. Thankfully, Sennheiser is releasing a new hearing aid that hopes to assist you in daily dialogue. The Conversation Clear Plus features advanced speech enhancement technology to let your conversation take center stage in every interaction. With their smart, intuitive features, these stylish earbuds set a new standard for speech-enhanced consumer wearables.

Effortlessly clear conversations in noisy environments
Utilizing sophisticated Sonova chip technology, conversations and calls are enhanced thanks to the Sennheiser Automatic Scene Detection feature, which analyzes the noise level of a user’s environment and matches the speech enhancement level to their surroundings.

Integrated into compact and modern earbuds, Automatic Scene Detection ensures the clearest speech in challenging environments, be it in person or on the phone. In concert with Active Noise Cancellation, Conversation Clear Plus works dynamically to block distracting noises and improve the clarity of conversations for every level of background noise.

Conversation Clear Plus lets you choose how much background noise you want to hear. Active Noise Cancellation blocks out distractions, while the Ambient Awareness mode enables more connection with the outside environment when desired.


The Sennheiser Conversation Clear Plus will be available for pre-order on January 5, 2023, and on sale on January 20 for $849.99. Check out more from Sennheiser at Audio46.

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