Shozy BG 5ba Review

Shozy BG 5ba

This is my first time trying out anything from the brand Shozy, which I have been hearing a lot of good things about. Their BG 5ba has some interesting design materials for its $339 price point, so I am excited to hear what they can do to the sound. Let’s see what this Hong Kong-based manufacturer can bring to the table.

Shozy items

What You Get

  • Shozy BG 5ba IEM
  • Premium Copper Cable
  • Carrying Case
  • Assorted Eartips

Shozy single

Look and Feel

The BG 5ba features a similar style of mold-like what you are used to seeing on other IEM brands like BGVP. Its shell is coated in a glossy resin inlaid with glittery sparkles for a flashier aesthetic. They fit as comfortably as I expect most IEMs with the shape of the BG 5ba to. The housing sits naturally in your concha with a bit of an added security based on your ear tip selection, as the spout isn’t too wide or long.

Shozy cable


As the name would have you believe, the BG 5ba utilizes five balanced armatures that include a Knowles series bass driver and a specialized super tweeter. A premium 4-braid copper cable also helps shape the signal flow, as well as metallic modular filters with metal mesh designs.

  • Impedance 22ohm
  • Sensitivity 110dB SPL/mW
  • Frequency response 20Hz-20000Hz

Shozy pair


The BG 5ba can still deliver an exciting stereo performance on the border of budget and mid-fi. Its width and separation are now what I have come to expect from these brands, but the BG 5ba impresses me more with the air it exhibits between its layers. This isn’t the deepest IEM you’ll hear, but it is rare to find one as open and roomy. The staging here presents all of its elements with refined positioning, giving each sound its time of day within the mix. Any detail the BG 5ba is capable of won’t go missing in this soundstage, as its imaging has an effective level of transparency that doesn’t hide anything.

Low End 

Even though the bass on the BG 5ba isn’t very big, it does everything it needs to for the tuning it is going for. The bass here punches when it needs to, and pulls back quickly will ease. It is a quick response that feels tight but clean, leaving little to resonate, but enough to make the signature feel whole. There’s good detail here to be had, but if you’re looking for those extra textures and tonal weight, that isn’t really what this timbre is going for.


Sometimes my favorite midrange is one that just feels relaxed and clear, and that is exactly what the BG 5ba does best. These frequencies naturally weave themselves around the sound signature in a soft but gratifying fashion, while spaciously communicating all of its elements with pristine clarity. The separation abilities in the soundstage definitely help instruments break through the mix more, but the resolution of the midrange becomes an even bigger highlight because of it. Vocals also feel pure and somewhat lifted in the sound signature, enhancing the presence of many different performances.


There’s a certain click to the timbre of the BG 5ba, and that’s thanks to the awesome super tweeter that lives within it. It extends the highs in a way that is very fulfilling, filling out the top end with air and clarity. A clean ring wafts over these frequencies that captures the tone of reverberating instruments and vocals with a crisp presentation. It does this while being completely in balance with the rest of the frequency response but still feels like a timbre that is completely its own personality.


The BG 5ba is my first IEM from Shozy, and after listening to it for quite some time I don’t think it will be my last. This IEM gave me great highs with excellent resolution throughout, and a soundstage with plenty of air and separation. For the price, there’s no way you can go wrong, even if there is room for an upgrade. However, even with room to grow the BG 5ba to exhibit tremendous value, and is more than worth a look.

Pros Cons
·         Airy soundstage

·         Clean mids

·         Detailed highs

·         Comfortable

·         Price

·         Limited bass presence

·         Linear imaging

The Shozy BG 5ba is available at Audio46.

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