Shure SE112 Wireless Sound Isolating Earphones Review

Shure SE112 Wireless Sound Isolating Earphones

Shure’s SE series of earphones have traditionally been fully wired… until now. This week at MajorHiFi, we get the opportunity to try out the newest wireless releases from Shure. I’m curious. Is this a new chapter for Shure in the world of high-end wireless earphones? Today I’ll trying to answer that question with this Shure SE112 Wireless Sound Isolating Earphones review.

Shure SE112 Wireless Sound Isolating Earphones Review

In the Box

The box looks quite similar to the original SE112 earphones, except it is white instead of black. Inside you’ll find the earphones, of course, the soft flex silicone eartips in small, medium, and large, a clothing clip and a nice, zipping carrying case.There is also a micro USB cable for charging the earphones.



As a whole, the Shrue SE112 Wireless Earphones felt durable. They seem a little bit more fragile, though, than the higher end models which feature a detachable cable. The SE112’s cable is permanently attached to the earphones, so if they get yanked, there is a possibility they’d break (rather than just disconnecting).


I am pleased to say the small eartips fit perfectly in my ears, a rare feat indeed. I wish these earphones hooked around my ears because I know they would have felt even more secure, but regardless, I’m happy that I don’t have to hold them in place with my hands for the listening test.


My co-worker, Sade, brought up a point that I can’t help but ignore now. She mentioned that she thought the cable was too long, and I agree. I imagine some of the folks looking into purchasing these headphones will want to excersize with them. I go to the gym often and I can’t imagine trying to lift weights or run without this cable bouncing around in an uncomfortable way. Perhaps the work around is that the clothing clip can keep it in place, but even from a purely aesthetic point of view, the cable seems over exaggerated.


Battery Life

The battery life of the SE112 Wireless keeps up with other in-ear headphone competitors. Playback lasts up to eight hours. 15 minutes of charging yields 2 hours of playback. Pretty good!


The earphones connected to my phone easily. It stayed connected as I walked away, and the full range is about 30 ft.  One of the coolest aspects of these earphones is that they can connect to two devices (although they play one at a time). As a result, you can quickly jump between devices without the hassle of having to go into your phone’s settings.


The frequency response of the Shure SE112 Wireless Sound Isolating Earphones is 25Hz-17kHz. This detail is one of the biggest differences between this earphone and the other, more expensive, higher-end models. But let’s put them on and take a closer listen.


The bass feels a little bit crowded at higher listening volumes but at lower levels it actually comes through fairly well. Luckily, because the earphones sound isolating, it is much easier to listen at lower levels and thus produce a more balanced bass response.


The mid-range of the SE112s is strong and thick. There seems to be a boost somewhere around 4kHz or 5kHz which makes the vocals sit a little louder in the mix than on other earphones. It doesn’t sound harsh, though and turning the earphones up louder isn’t painful at all.


The high end has some nice details, although it is not particularly airy as you might guess based on the frequency response. There is a warmness to it which helps it avoid hardness in the highs, especially with instruments like bluegrass mandolins and orchestral violins.  

Sound Stage

The sound field from left to right is quite wide and nice. From top to bottom it was less detailed, but there does seems to a sense of depth in roomier recordings. I’m listening to Father John Misty’s new record, Pure Comedy, and I like the way these earphones response to reverbs and delays.


The Shure SE112 Wireless Sound Isolating Earphones are an affordable way to get in touch with Shure’s SE series of earphones. I think Shure is doing a great thing by releasing these great earphones in a wireless form. For folks who claim the “audiophile” identity and are looking for wireless earphones, you’re better off spending a little extra money on the SE215 Wireless earphones. You can see a full review of them here.

The Shure SE112 Wireless Sound Isolating Earphones are available here:

Shure SE112 Wireless at Audio 46

Shure SE112 Wireless on Amazon

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Shure SE112 Wireless Sound Isolating In-Ear Headphones

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