SIVGA – SPT1 Review – Sports Wireless Earbuds

SIVGA - SPT1 wireless sport earbuds
SIVGA - SPT1 wireless sport earbuds

Today, we explore the world of wireless audio with SIVGA‘s SPT1, a pair of sporty earbuds designed to accompany you through your active lifestyle. With sleek aesthetics and promising technical specifications, these earbuds offer more than meets the eye.

What You Get

  • Charging case 
  • USB Type C charging cable
  • Ear tips
  • User guide

Look & Feel
Encased in a compact, minimalist box, the SIVGA SPT1 presents itself modestly yet attractively. The black body with vibrant orange accents exudes a sporty flair, complemented by the prominent SIVGA logo adorning the front. The weighty case, featuring convenient digital displays for battery levels, adds a touch of sophistication and practicality to the overall design.

Beneath its captivating exterior lies the meticulously crafted architecture of the SIVGA SPT1, blending aesthetics with functionality seamlessly. Powered by a single 10 mm dynamic driver, these earbuds deliver a rich and immersive audio experience, perfectly suited to the demands of an active lifestyle. Moreover, with an impedance of 16 ohms, the SPT1 ensures efficient power utilization, prolonging listening sessions without compromise. From its sleek profile to its robust construction, every element of the SPT1’s design exudes a commitment to excellence, setting a new standard for wireless audio perfection.

SIVGA - SPT1 wireless sport earbuds

Connecting your smartphone to the SIVGA SPT1 is effortless, courtesy of its swift Bluetooth connectivity. Initially, I searched for a Bluetooth button, but there’s no need—simply open the case, enable Bluetooth on your device, and enjoy instant pairing. With Bluetooth 5.3 seamlessly integrated, you’re guaranteed stable connections and minimal latency, ensuring uninterrupted listening pleasure.

Battery Life
I’ve put the SIVGA SPT1 through rigorous testing, pushing them to nearly maximum volume during extended listening sessions. To my surprise, the battery depletion was remarkably gradual, highlighting the efficiency of these earbuds. With a maximum playtime of 8 hours at medium volume, the SPT1 proves its mettle as a reliable companion for extended listening adventures.

Exploring the sonic landscape of the SIVGA SPT1, I was pleasantly surprised by the earbuds’ ability to create an expansive soundstage that defies their compact size. What truly caught me off guard, however, was the exceptional balance across frequencies. From the deepest lows to the shimmering highs, the SPT1 maintains a harmonious equilibrium that allows every instrument and note to shine with clarity and precision. This unexpected balance adds a layer of depth and immersion to my listening experience, drawing me deeper into the music with each passing track. With the SPT1, SIVGA has crafted a solid performer in wireless audio, showcasing an impressive level of sonic engineering that exceeds expectations.

SIVGA - SPT1 wireless sport earbuds


Low End
Diving into the low end of the SIVGA SPT1, I was greeted by a pleasantly surprising depth and richness in bass reproduction. Despite their compact size, these earbuds deliver a powerful and impactful low-end response that elevates the listening experience across various genres. The sub-bass is notably pronounced, providing a solid foundation to the music without overpowering the other frequencies. Additionally, the mid-bass offers a satisfying punch, adding energy and dynamism to the overall sound signature. Indulge in bass-heavy beats or appreciate the subtle details of acoustic bass lines—the SPT1 ensures each bass note is delivered with precision and clarity, enhancing your enjoyment of favorite tracks.

As I explored the midrange of the SIVGA SPT1, I discovered a delightful balance and richness that truly impressed me. The mids are presented with remarkable clarity and detail, allowing vocals and instruments to shine through with authenticity and emotion.Capturing every nuance with precision and finesse, the SPT1 delivers the warmth of acoustic guitars and the resonance of vocals impeccably. What stood out to me most was the seamless integration of the midrange frequencies, creating a cohesive and immersive listening experience. From intimate acoustic performances to dynamic rock anthems, the SPT1 ensures that the midrange remains the heart and soul of the music, delivering a captivating and lifelike soundstage that draws you in with each passing note.

Exploring the high frequencies with the SIVGA SPT1, I encountered a smooth and pleasing presentation that showcased a commendable level of detail. However, as someone who appreciates bright highs, I found myself wishing for a touch more clarity and crispness to truly elevate the listening experience. Despite this, the SPT1 maintains a high standard of performance, allowing intricate details to emerge with finesse and precision. Whether it’s the shimmering cymbals in a jazz ensemble or the ethereal vocals in a classical aria, the SPT1 delivers a captivating and immersive audio experience that remains engaging and satisfying.


In my exploration of wireless audio options, the SIVGA SPT1 has truly impressed me, seamlessly blending sleek design with impressive performance. These wireless companions offer more than just style – they envelop you in a world of powerful sound, where rich bass and clear mids create an audio experience that captivates the senses. While some may find the highs lacking a touch of crispness, I personally find the overall audio quality to be exceptional, promising hours of enjoyment with every listen.
Reflecting on my experience, I can confidently assert that the SPT1 is unquestionably worth its price. No matter if you’re on the move, commuting, or unwinding at home, the SPT1 delivers a listening experience that exceeds expectations. For those seeking a reliable and immersive audio companion, the SIVGA SPT1 is a solid choice that is sure to impress.

Sivga SPT1 are available at Audio46.

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