Sivga SV004 Review: Affordable Luxury Audio

Sivga SV004 Review walnut and rosewood

As affordable headphones go, the Sivga SV004 definitely appears more on the posh size.  With eye-catching wooden housings, a wire grill, and soft leather padding, this headphone feels premium. But what kind of sound can you expect from this $149 headphone?

Sivga SV004 Review: Affordable Luxury Audio

Sivga SV004 Review rosewood

The Sivga SV004 feels relatively light in my hands. It weighs only 351 grams. Aluminum extenders and heavy-duty yokes furnish a fluid but firm fit.

A wide, plush headband and fenestrated PU leather earpads lend an air of comfort. Even with the shaved head I’m rocking, this headphone feels baby-soft. Once the music starts playing, it’s easy to forget you’re wearing headphones.

The SV004 comes in three different configurations. Drivers remain the same between the Walnut, Rosewood, and Black colors, and the differences appear merely cosmetic. That being said, to my eyes, the rosewood looks the most pleasing.

Inside each housing, a 50 mm driver handles sound quality. Featuring an open-back design principle, each cup sports a black mesh grill facilitating airflow.

Included in the box, you’ll find two cables – one for audio playback only and one with an integrated mic and remote. The strictly-audio cable measures a liberal 6.5 ft (2 m), while the mic-and-remote cable comes in at a standard 4 ft (1.2m).

Also accompanying the headphone is a carrying case, a 1/4″ stereo adapter plug, and an airline adapter plug.

With a nominal impedance of just 32 ohms (and a fluctuation variable of 15%), the SV004 drives fairly easily. For my review, I tested this headphone with an iPhone 8, my junk work computer, and my modded iPod strapped to a pocket amp. Basically, you could enjoy this headphone with minimal power output, and it sound great even my phone and computer.

Sivga SV004 Review included accessories

Sivga SV004 Review – Sound Quality

Low End

The SV004’s lows exhibit a fair amount of detail and a slight punch.  Honestly, given that whopping 50 mm driver, I was expecting a bit more of a bass response.  However, this low end remains fairly neutral, with only the slightest bit of weight or impact.  Rock and hip hop still sound good, but this low end also works well with pretty much every genre.

Sivga SV004 Review fenestrated earpads


Mids sound clean and clear on the Sivga SV004.  There’s enough detail here to fill vocals and instrumentation with a sense of presence and intimacy. Yet, those mids never seem to compete with the lows and the highs. This leads to a fairly distinct midrange that might seem more at home on a pair of monitors. But for the Sivga SV004, it’s not an altogether unpleasant sound.

Sivga SV004 Review extenders

High End

There’s some slight roll-off in the highs, tempering the overall sound of this headphone. Never too bright or harsh, the SV004 works well with pop and classical thanks to smooth vocals and accurate instrumentation.

Sivga SV004 Review with ipod


Thanks to the open-back design, the SV004 offers a fair amount of depth and space. There’s some decent separation in the sound, too, allowing you to hear a more exploded sound with nuanced layering. That being said, there’s also some admitted overlap between audio sources. Evident only on more complicated tracks, in general this soundstage works fine with smaller ensembles one would find in jazz or rock tracks.

Sivga SV004 Review plug jack

Sivga SV004 Review – Conclusion

Pros and Cons

Pros:  The Sivga SV004 provides a comfortable and good-looking open-back headphone for an affordable price.  Sound quality remains detailed and pleasant, with a smoother high end than other headphones at this price range.

Cons: The SV004 doesn’t sound as open-sounding as the Grado SR125e. Instead, it displays a little overlap between instruments, preventing it from sounding great on more intricate compositions.

Sivga SV004 Review walnut and rosewood

Final Analysis

When taking the price into account (at the time of this article, it’s on sale on Amazon for under $100), the Sivga offers decent value for money. For a fun, enjoyable headphone, this one works wonders, remaining comfortable for hours on end. So, if you’re looking for a budget open-back headphone, look no further.

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