SleepPhones Pajamas For Your Ears

So you want to get a good night’s rest, but ear plugs – no matter what the size, softness, and features – simply won’t do the trick. Try something softer like SleepPhones pajamas for your ears.

SleepPhones Pajamas For Your Ears

The headband comprised of either a warm, fuzzy fleece material or a lighter, cooler alternative. Regardless, the washable and hypo-allergenic headbands are able to fit two of AcousticSheep’s flat headphone speakers on the inside. They are fully adjustable to ensure the speakers can be placed directly over the ears while maintaining a thin build. The headphones are no taller than 4mm off a table top – meaning a comfortable fit while listening to white noise or other soothing sounds.

SleepPhones Pajamas For Your Ears

Besides the ability to play music, the headband can be used to take calls. Buttons on the module allow users to adjust the volume as well as navigate through playlists. When a playlist is complete the headband will automatically place itself on standby, thereby saving battery life. The headphones can run for up to 13 hours after fully charging for 3 hours.

SleepPhones are available in both a wired and wireless option. The classic model (wired) uses a 3.5mm jack to connect to your smart device. The wireless model, known as SleepPhones Effortless, uses a Bluetooth module to pair with your phone. Previously, the headphones were charged by removing the Bluetooth module from the headband and plugging it into a USB charging port. Now, the entire headband is simply placed on a charging dock.

SleepPhones are available for purchase at for $39.95 (wired) and $99.95 (wireless).

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