Smart Cap is a Beanie with Bluetooth Headphones

Temperatures are finally starting to dip in New York City, meaning it’s time to get your snow gear in order. I’ve often found it quite cumbersome to wear a beanie and over-ear headphones together. There’s a new alternative in town that’s ready to meet you halfway. Meet Smart Cap, a beanie with Bluetooth headphones.

Smart Cap is a Beanie with Bluetooth Headphones

Smart Cap is a simple and innovative way to keep you warm and rocking out to your favorite tunes. It works by incorporating two speakers, Bluetooth technology, and a controller inside of the beanie. The Bluetooth logo on the side of the hat identifies the location of the controller and one of the speakers.

Smart Cap Beanie

The controller is fit to communicate with any paired smart device up to 30 feet away and operates for 21 hours. Functions of the controller include volume adjustment, navigation between tracks on your playlist, and the ability to take and end calls – like any other wireless headphone. The advantage is a frame set inside of a cozy beanie that wraps around your entire head.

The idea seems pretty genius although, we don’t know much about the drivers and quality of sound. If interested, Smart Cap is available in a variety of colors via Kickstarter for $30 before it retails for $45. Orders will ship to backers January 2017.

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