Snapchat Spectacles Sold via Adorable Snapbots

Snapchat Spectacles Snapbot

Snapbots are probably the cutest thing to happen to at least half the nation after an unnerving election earlier this week.

Snapchat Spectacles Sold Out via Adorable Snapbots

These adorable bots are bringing more than smiles to faces across the internet. In Los Angeles, a minion-esque Snapbot sold Snapchat Spectacles in the mos tentertaining of ways – i.e.  lighting up, widening its eyes, emits your snazzy new wearable, and of course vomiting rainbowed-colored receipts. P.S. props on the consistent branding.

Reportedly, hundreds of hopefuls waited in line for three plus hours in hopes of getting their hands on or eyes under a pair of these limited time shades.

The highly sought after specs are built with a 115 degree lens and can record a video for up to 30 second videos. These vids upload to your camera roll and Snapchat via WiFi or Bluetooth. The lens of the camera also lights up when someone is recording so no need to completely fear anyone who is wearing a pair.

However, it seems like many people were disappointed they weren’t able to snag the $129 glasses due to money hungry, um… early buyers who were able to pick up multiple pairs.

But, if anyone is seriously interested on getting their hands on a pair, look to eBay where you can find Snapchat Spectacles for $500, minimum bid?!?!?

Good luck!

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