Sony WH-H900N h.ear on 2 Review

Sony WH-H900N h.ear on 2 Review

Sony is hitting it out of the ballpark with their flagship wireless headphone, the WH-1000XM2. It’s been hailed as the best sounding noise-cancelling headphone under $400, beating Sennheiser, Audio-Technica and just about any brand you can think of. But what about its lesser known little brother, the WH-H900N? Does it sound anywhere near as good? And is its noise cancelling-technology as effective? Let’s find out in this Sony WH-H900N h.ear on 2 Review.

Sony WH-H900N h.ear on 2 Review

IN the BOX

Connection Cable

USB Charging Cable

Carrying pouch


Soft, plush leather ear pads make the WH-H800N comfortable to wear for extended periods. At the same time, they feel snug enough to get some measure of sound isolation without the noise cancellation feature.

Sony WH-H900N h.ear on 2 Review


Like the more expensive WH-1000XM2, the WH-H900N uses touchpad technology on the side of the ear cup to control its functions: play/pause, skip, volume, call answering and Google Assistant. Although it takes a little getting used to, once you get the hang of it, it’s quick and fun. (In the winter, cut holes in your gloves). The headphones also fold up into an adorable little handful.

One thing that has made Sony so successful in terms of wireless headphones is its effective noise cancellation. Indeed, no other brand besides Bose offers the same level of cancellation. But pair this with Sony’s great sound profile, and nothing else I’ve heard comes close in this price range. What seems to set this model apart from the more expensive WH-1000XM2 is the level of active noise cancellation. Although the Sony WH-H900N sounds just as good, the ANC isn’t as powerful. That being said, for under $300, it still beats all other brands in this category.

ANC can be switched on and off. And it also has an ambient mode which almost works like a microphone, allowing outside sound to hit your ears. This feature is helpful if you feel like being rude and keeping them on while talking to your waitress. It also helps in avoiding pedestrian fatalities.

You’ll get 28 hours of play time on these puppies. And it takes 10 minutes of charge to yield 65 minutes of playback. If you should run out of juice, you’ve also got the wired option for passive playback.

In terms of aesthetic design and durability, the WH-H900 doesn’t look as sleek and solid as the more expensive model. It’s headband is a little wider and it has a slightly bulkier feel. Also, the standard grey color doesn’t look as cool as the black or gold design of the WH-1000XM2. So, consider going absolutely crazy and getting these cans in twilight red, moonlight blue or green.


Overall Impressions: Well balanced, full-bodied and extremely versatile. Great value for money.


A punchy, thick and textured bass, but not too subby. These lows should please bass-heads without offending the rest. If you like your pop music to pounce, these cans are for you. Rock fans will enjoy the warmth and fleshiness of the Sony WH-H900N as well.


Sony produces a well balanced mid range. Listening to rock choruses, you feel like you’re getting the full spectrum of the mix. And I have to say, I was really impressed by the clarity, considering that this is a wireless headphone. Acoustic guitars sounded transparent and had a decent amount of resolve. So, fans of folk or bluegrass should be happy with these cans too.


The highs are just as splendid. Strings conveyed a soft, yet detailed sound, making them emotive and easy to listen to. Even instruments that hit the highest registers, like trumpets, avoided any painful ear piercing. The WH-900N certainly offers a fatigue-free experience, even after a few hours of listening.


You’ll definitely get a roomy feel out of these cans. The WH-900 presented a nice amount of width, and even offered a bit of depth and height.


I have nothing negative to say about these lovely girls. The Sony WH-H900N pulls off every genre with class. If you like a full, even-sounding mix, I doubt you’ll be disappointed. In fact, they sound better than any other wireless model I’ve heard for under $300. The WH-H900N may not offer the same level of noise-cancellation as the WH-1000XM2, but they sound just as good, if not better.

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Frequency Response: 5 – 40,000 Hz

Sensitivity: 103 dB

Impedance: 32 Ohms

Usage: Max 28 hrs

Charging time: 6 hrs

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